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This flag was created with a text editor.


Public domain This work was first published in Ethiopia and is now in the public domain because its copyright protection has expired by virtue of the Proclamation No. 410/2004 on Copyright and Neighboring Rights Protection, enacted 2004 (details). The work meets one of the following criteria:

  • It is an anonymous, pseudonymous or posthumous work and 50 years have passed since the date of its publication
  • It is a collective or audiovisual work and 50 years have passed since the date of its publication
  • It is a photographic work, and 25 years have passed since the date of its creation (or publication, whatever date is the latest)
  • It is another kind of work, and 50 years have passed since the year of death of the author (or last-surviving author)
  • It is "any official text of a legislative, administrative or of legal nature, as well as official translations thereof"

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Copyright notes

Copyright notes
Per U.S. Circ. 38a., the following countries are not a participant in the Berne Convention or any other treaty on copyright with the United States:
  • Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Nauru, Palau, San Marino, Somalia and South Sudan.

As such, works published by citizens of these countries in these countries are usually not subject to copyright protection outside of these countries. Hence, such works may be in the public domain in most other countries worldwide.

  • Works published in these countries by citizens or permanent residents of other countries that are signatories to the Berne Convention or any other treaty on copyright will still be protected in their home country and internationally as well as locally by local copyright law.
  • Similarly, works published outside of these countries within 30 days of publication within these countries will also usually be subject to protection in the foreign country of publication. When works are subject to copyright outside of these countries, the term of such copyright protection may exceed the term of copyright inside them.
  • Unpublished works from these countries may be fully copyrighted.
  • A work from one of these countries may become copyrighted in the United States under the URAA if the work's home country enters a copyright treaty or agreement with the United States and the work is still under copyright in its home country.

Ethiopia has enacted a copyright law as published in the Official Gazette (Unofficial English (WIPO) translation) which came into force on 19 July 2004.
Ova slika prikazuje zastavu, grb, pečat ili neko drugo službeno znakovlje. Uporaba takvih simbola je ograničena u većini zemalja. Ova ograničenja su neovisna od autorsko-pravnog statusa.
PD-icon.svg This file is ineligible for copyright and therefore in the public domain because it consists entirely of information that is common property and contains no original authorship.

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sadašnja19:54, 11. ožujka 2019.Minijatura za inačicu od 19:54, 11. ožujka 2019.900 × 450 (242 bajtova)FDRMRZUSAReverted to version as of 20:21, 1 March 2012 (UTC): colors tone aligned to previous and successive Ethiopian flags.
10:53, 2. prosinca 2016.Minijatura za inačicu od 10:53, 2. prosinca 2016.900 × 450 (237 bajtova)SarangThe purpose of the new colours: they correspond to FIAV colors (standardized recently). Even when the faded colors of 2007 are preferred by Fry1989, half the coding size is enough.
22:29, 1. ožujka 2012.Minijatura za inačicu od 22:29, 1. ožujka 2012.900 × 450 (542 bajtova)Fry1989I don't see the purpose of the new colours, they were only standardized recently
22:21, 1. ožujka 2012.Minijatura za inačicu od 22:21, 1. ožujka 2012.900 × 450 (242 bajtova)Magasjukur2Antemister's colors. Simplified code
22:18, 1. ožujka 2012.Minijatura za inačicu od 22:18, 1. ožujka 2012.900 × 450 (242 bajtova)Magasjukur2Simplified using Antemister's colors
14:56, 15. siječnja 2012.Minijatura za inačicu od 14:56, 15. siječnja 2012.900 × 450 (2 KB)Antemisteradjust colors
21:08, 13. studenoga 2007.Minijatura za inačicu od 21:08, 13. studenoga 2007.900 × 450 (542 bajtova)SonofSenegalCorrected 4 SVG Syntax Errors, Corrected Invalid Ratio (Supposed to be 1:2, last image was 3:4)
09:58, 18. srpnja 2006.Minijatura za inačicu od 09:58, 18. srpnja 2006.450 × 300 (542 bajtova)Ultratomio==Licensing== {{PD-Coa}}{{PD-Flag}} Category:SVG flags

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