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(Novi odlomak: Welcoming)
Super, jedva čekam. :). --[[Suradnik:3D|<font color="purple">'''3D'''</font>]] [[Razgovor sa suradnikom:3D|'''<font color="silver">(razgovor)</font>''']] 00:38, 14. rujna 2009. (CEST)
== Welcoming ==
Thanks for your bot-welcome message. But it is annoying to receive an email in a language that I do not understand and from a project where I had not made any contribution until now. My account has been created automatically ‎per SUL when I was checking an interwiki. As I have not registered myself manually, I have not modified my preferences, and the preference "E-mail me when my user talk page is changed" is activated by default. So, it would be better not to welcome users if they have made no edits in order to avoid annoying emails. --[[Suradnik:Vriullop|Vriullop]] <small>([[Razgovor sa suradnikom:Vriullop|razgovor]])</small> 11:21, 14. rujna 2009. (CEST)


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