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Neki je problem sa {{pp|Infookvir nogometna reprezentacija}}. Ako se ne popune neka polja, na vrhu stranice ostaje velika bijela praznina, vidi [[Nogometna reprezentacija UAE-a]]. —[[User:Argo Navis|Argo Navis]] <small>([[User talk:Argo Navis|razgovor]])</small> 14:01, 14. listopada 2021. (CEST)
== Coolest Tool Award 2021: Call for nominations ==
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[[File:Coolest Tool Award 2021 square_logo.svg|thumb|193x193px]]
The third edition of the [[m:Coolest Tool Award]] is looking for nominations!
Tools play an essential role for the Wikimedia projects, and so do the many volunteer developers who experiment with new ideas and develop and maintain local and global solutions to support the Wikimedia communities. The Coolest Tool Award aims to recognize and celebrate the coolest tools in a variety of categories.
The awarded projects will be announced and showcased in a virtual ceremony in December. Deadline to submit nominations is October 27. More information: [[m:Coolest Tool Award]]. Thanks for your recommendations! -- [[User:SSethi (WMF)|SSethi (WMF)]] for the [[m:Coolest Tool Award#Coolest Tool Award 2021|2021 Coolest Tool Academy team]] 07:56, 19. listopada 2021. (CEST)
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