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This template creates a userbox that identifies the geographic coordinates of the user.


To use this userbox template, place the following line of Wiki markup on your user page:

{{User coord|c1|...|c8|format=|page=|verb=|title=|float=|nocat=}}


  • c1...c8 are the two, four, six, or eight geographic coordinate parameters used by Template:Coord.
  • format= is the optional coordinates format:
    • format=dec convert coordinates to decimal degrees format.
    • format=dms convert coordinates to degrees-minutes-seconds format.
    • format=keep leave coordinates in format input. (default)
  • page= is the optional user page coordinates switch:
    • page=yes add the user coordinates to the upper right corner of the user page. (default)
    • page=no no user page coordinates.
  • verb= is an optional userbox verb phrase:
    • verb=is currently near (default)
  • float= is the optional userbox horizontal alignment:
    • float=left (default)
    • float=right
  • nocat= is the user category switch:

This template creates a userbox like those shown in the examples below.



{{user coord}} Predložak:User coord
{{user coord|51.477811|-0.001475}} Predložak:User coord
{{user coord|51.477811|N|0.001475|W|verb=lives at}} Predložak:User coord
{{user coord|51.477811|-0.001475|format=dms|verb=is at}} Predložak:User coord
{{user coord|51|N|0|W|verb=is somewhere near}} Predložak:User coord
{{user coord|51|29|N|0|0|W|verb=is traveling to}} Predložak:User coord
{{user coord|51|28|40.12|N|0|0|5.31|W|verb=is very near}} Predložak:User coord


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