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Wikitravel, Wikivoyage et al.[uredi]

Will You explain us Your edit [1]? Thanks in advance. Kubura (razgovor) 04:00, 9. studenog 2012. (CET)

Explanation is en:Template talk:Wikitravel#Edit request on 9 November 2012: template changed to use external link format (with rel="nofollow" and the external link icon) to make this clear that this is an external link, not a link to a Wikimedia project such as wiktionary:. The link still goes to the same place (for now) but is properly identified as an external site, not a Wikimedia project.
WT is owned not by WMF but by a for-profit entity (Internet Brands) which is currently suing WMF volunteers, per [2]. WMF is adopting Wikivoyage, a competing version of the same project, as a sibling to WP. That database move is currently in progress. Once the transition of Wikivoyage.org to WMF is complete, the question of replacing this template on every WMF-hosted wiki where it appeared (excluding ja: and es:, as both already deleted these repeatedly) will need to be addressed. Cleaning up *that* mess is a job for some sort of robot script as {{wikitravel}} → {{wikivoyage}} must be a full search-and-replace (not a redirect) due to trademark issues. I don't see hr: on en:project:bot requests, is there a version of that page on this wiki? K7L (razgovor) 18:59, 9. studenog 2012. (CET)
Hm, there I've seen the talkpage on the en.wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template_talk:Wikitravel#Edit_request_on_9_November_2012. There there's a link to http://www.nytimes.com/2012/09/10/business/media/once-a-profit-dream-wikitravel-now-bedevils-owner.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0.
"Soon after the purchase of Wikitravel, in 2006, contributors to the Italian and German sites simply left, not wanting to be part of a commercial site. They “forked” the site, meaning that they copied all of the content to a new site they named Wikivoyage. ".
In short, that's the case. K7L, all You had to do is to tell about these two links :) Kubura (razgovor) 06:44, 11. studenog 2012. (CET)