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UTE - Juiz de Fora
Thermal Plant in Juiz de Fora

Juiz de Fora Thermal Plant (Usina Termelétrica Juiz de Fora) is the first thermal plant in the world to utilize ethanol as a fuel.[1] Located in Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, Brazil, it is bi-fuel and can be energized not only with ethanol, but also with natural gas. It was built as a natural-gas-only power plant in 2001[2] by the group Energisa without any governmental aid, had a total capacity of producing 87.048 MW[3]. It underwent a renovation process in one of its turbines, which by January 19th of 2010 was the first electricity generating turbine to run on ethanol. After the conversion to bi-fuel process it remained with the same capacity of 87.048 MW.

It is part of Petrobras' electricity generating system since 2007[4], and is connected with the brazilian Sistema Interligado Nacional.

In 2014, the Thermal Plant generated 626.000 MWh[5], sufficient to provide energy for 230 thousand people[6].

Possession[uredi | uredi kôd]

In December 14th of 1999 the Companhia Força e Luz Cataguazes-Leopoldina, owned by the holding Energisa, was authorized to build a power plant capable of delivering 87.048 MW[3] of power to the city of Juiz de Fora. Latter in 2001[2], the thermal power plant was inaugurated and ran only on natural gas by that time.

Energisa group and Petrobras were negotiating the ownership of the power plant and the rights to sell energy to the Northeast area of Brazil, and in October 4th of 2007[4] the latter formerly proposed and bought it all from the former for an total amount of R$204 million[4].

Turbines[uredi | uredi kôd]

Originally the power plant was equipped with two natural gas turbines, converted from the original aeroderivative gas turbine model GE LM6000, made from General Electric.

In 2010 it suffered major alterations in one of its two turbines, to be converted to ethanol fuel. This project was a partnership between Petrobras and General Electric (GE) and took 3 years of research to finally produce the model GE LM6000-PC Flex Fuel[1], which is an upgrade to the former model. The converted model running on both ethanol and natural gas has neglectable efficiency differences from the original one[1] and it delivers the same amount of energy.

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