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We don't categorise user by the language they speak. Feel free to make some templates, but, please leave categories out. --Ante Perkovic 19:50, 20. lipnja 2006. (CEST)Odgovor[odgovori]

Hi, I noticed this already, and as you may have seen, I left the categories out in my revert. I just deleted {{PAGENAME}} {{PAGENAME}}, what the IP that changed my page forgot. So I don't understand the changes you made to the page, after I corrected this!? Sorry for inconvenience! --Sippel2707 20:24, 20. lipnja 2006. (CEST)Odgovor[odgovori]
You are right. I apologise for reverting without checking. --Ante Perkovic 20:38, 20. lipnja 2006. (CEST)Odgovor[odgovori]