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English: Croatian A4 traffic sign
English: Sign of the motorway Autoput A4 in Serbia.
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Autor Tomobe03 / Daniel749 (older version)


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sadašnja22:43, 25. travnja 2018.Minijatura za inačicu od 22:43, 25. travnja 2018.188 × 110 (2 KB)ЂидоSerbian regulations prescribe this form as traffic sign III-96.
18:27, 10. rujna 2017.Minijatura za inačicu od 18:27, 10. rujna 2017.500 × 300 (2 KB)Fredddieredraw
21:04, 23. veljače 2014.Minijatura za inačicu od 21:04, 23. veljače 2014.182 × 109 (4 KB)Daniel749
14:55, 28. prosinca 2013.Minijatura za inačicu od 14:55, 28. prosinca 2013.225 × 110 (4 KB)Daniel749
17:46, 25. prosinca 2013.Minijatura za inačicu od 17:46, 25. prosinca 2013.102 × 109 (3 KB)Daniel749== {{int:filedesc}} == {{Information |Description={{en|1=Sign of the motorway Autoput A4 in Serbia.}} |Source={{own}} |Author=Daniel749 |Date=2013-12-25 |Permission= |other_versions= }} == {{int:license}} == {{PD-ineligible}} [[Cat...

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