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Languages used in the book list[uredi]

  1. Titles marked {{sh}} were found in an article at shwiki.
  2. Titles marked (srp.) were found at srwiki.

I assume that it will be easy to adjust these titles to your Croatian standard, and these tags can be removed.
Good luck, Varlaam (razgovor) 07:07, 23. lipnja 2013. (CEST)

Why is the page here?[uredi]

On Razgovor, instead of on Članak?

I have translated this page over 30 times.
The final work is always done by a native speaker who is working on the main page, and not hiding here on the Talk page.
Who is going to find it here? Who is going to work on it here?
Putting it here is stupid.
Varlaam (razgovor) 00:09, 25. lipnja 2013. (CEST)

I set up my shwiki, srwiki, dawiki and kowiki (Korean!) versions of this page after the hrwiki page. After.
In those languages, they have already translated the introduction, and have started making improvements to the data.
And what happened in Croatian?
You moved it to the Talk page.
Varlaam (razgovor) 00:55, 25. lipnja 2013. (CEST)