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Community facilitator for Southeast Europe[uredi kôd]

Hola Qgil, regarding to your message HR wiki in case of the "leader of the southeast European community" i wrothe below your post the following questions that were deleted/censored by the Admin Neptune:

  • why didn´t you post this to our Slovenian colleagues?
  • Without our Bulgarian colleagues (who are the largest southeast European Nation) this project makes no sense
  • How much ist the salary
  • Why not a central european or K&K Project for us?

Maybe we can discuss about the sense /nonsense of this idea? Kind regards--Croq (razgovor) 23:47, 17. studenoga 2021. (CET)[odgovori]

@Croq Hi, thank you for reaching out. The name of this role is "Community Facilitator", not leader. I hope this important detail hasn't got lost in the translation. As you can imagine, I don't speak Croatian myself. :)
  • The role requires to be fluent in any Serbo-Croat-Bosnian variant, and I posted on the related wikis accordingly. If I can get a Slovene version, I am happy to post it there. It might be that then someone asks me why I am posting there if Slovene is not required, but ok.
  • This role is not related to a "project". We are looking for a new person to join our team, which supports many languages and regions, directly and in collaboration of local volunteers. Right now we have the entire Central and Eastern Europe region (minus Russian speaking-communities) covered with one facilitator from Poland. With this new role, this big and diverse region will be better covered. The Bulgarian speaking community will be a bit better supported, just like other languages in the region.
  • We are happy to discuss compensation with candidates applying for this role.
  • I hope my explanation above about this not being related to "a project" addresses this point too. If not, please be more specific.
Happy to discuss. :) Qgil-WMF (razgovor) 12:40, 18. studenoga 2021. (CET)[odgovori]

Bok Qgil-WMF, indeed a better translation/term would be in my opinion "Moderator zajednice". I think that the most people who work on Wiki speak anyway English additional to their mother tongue. Its difficult o split Europe up in regions, bit I think that this one is less controversal and would have a better consensus to create communities: [1] . I have posted that below in the "Kafic" but it was deleted a Admin and I was blocked there. --Croq (razgovor) 13:22, 22. studenoga 2021. (CET)[odgovori]