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Ovdje je nepotpuni popis igara za kućno računalo ZX Spectrum.

Naslov Izdavač Razvoj Licencirano od Izdano
Adventure A: Planet of Death Artic Computing 1982
Galaxians Artic Computing William J. Wray 1982
Football Manager Addictive Games Kevin Toms 1982
Pimania Automata UK Mel Croucher, Christian Penfold, Chris Edwards 1982
3D Tanx dK'Tronics Don Priestley 1982
Great Britain Ltd Hessel Software Simon W Hessel 1982
Arcadia Imagine Software David H Lawson 1982
Hobbit, The Melbourne House Beam Software (Philip Mitchell, Veronika Megler) JRR Tolkien 1982
Hungry Horace Psion William Tang 1982
Horace Goes Skiing Psion William Tang 1982
Ground Attack Silversoft Iain Christopher Hayward 1982
Granny's Garden 4Mation Educational Resources Mike Matson, Andrew C Hain 1983
Frogger A&F Software ZX Incorporated 1983
Raiders of the Cursed Mine Arcade Softward 1983
Bear Bovver Artic Computing Jon Ritman 1983
My Name Is Uncle Groucho, You Win A Fat Cigar Automata UK Mel Croucher, Christian Penfold 1983
The Birds and the Bees II: Antics Bug-Byte Adrian Sherwin, Tim Lewis, Andrew Peckham 1983
Manic Miner Bug-Byte Matthew Smith 1983
Styx Bug-Byte Matthew Smith 1983
Cassette 50 Cascade Games 1983
Winged Warlords CDS Microsystems Mike Lamb 1983
Perseus & Andromeda Digital Fantasia Brian Howarth 1983
Waxworks Digital Fantasia Brian Howarth, Cliff J Ogden 1983
Dictator dK'Tronics Don Priestley 1983
Jumbly dK'Tronics Don Priestley 1983
Maziacs dK'Tronics Don Priestley 1983
Harrier Attack Durell Software Mike A Richardson 1983
Menace Fashionsoft David W Harper 1983
Ah Diddums Imagine Software David H Lawson 1983
Alchemist Imagine Software Ian Weatherburn 1983
Jumping Jack Imagine Software Albert Ball, Stuart C Ball 1983
Stonkers Imagine Software John Gibson, Paul Lindale 1983
Splat! Incentive Software Ian Andrew, Incentive Software 1983
Fred Indescomp Carlos Granados, Paco Menendez, Fernando Rada 1983
Valhalla Legend Movisoft 1983
Micro Mouse Goes Debugging MC Lothlorien 1983
Pheenix Megadodo Software Martin Ward 1983
Penetrator Melbourne House Beam Software (Philip Mitchell) 1983
3D Deathchase Micromega Mervyn J Estcourt 1983
Starclash Micromega Derek Brewster 1983
The Train Game Microsphere 1983
Knot in 3D New Generation Software Malcolm E Evans 1983
Laser Snaker Poppy Soft Stephen Crow 1983
Horace & the Spiders Psion William Tang 1983
Ant Attack Quicksilva Sandy White, Angela Sutherland 1983
Bugaboo (The Flea) Quicksilva Paco & Paco (Indescomp) 1983
Traxx Quicksilva Salamander Software (Jeff Minter) 1983
Spectipede R&R Software Kevin Allison 1983
Potty Painter Rabbit Software John F Cain 1983
Everest Ascent Richard Shepherd Software Richard Shepherd 1983
Urban Upstart Richard Shepherd Software Pete Cooke 1983
Stop the Express Sinclair Research Hudson Soft 1983
Joust Softek Andrew Glaister Williams Electronics 1983
BC's Quest for Tires Software Projects Michael Davies Sierra On-Line 1983
Thrusta Software Projects Patrick Richmond 1983
Frenzy Spectrum Games Adrian Sherwin 1983
Stack Light Rifle Stack Computer Services 1983
Atic Atac Ultimate Play The Game 1983
Cookie Ultimate Play The Game Tim & Chris Stamper 1983
Jetpac Ultimate Play The Game Tim & Chris Stamper 1983
Lunar Jetman Ultimate Play The Game Tim & Chris Stamper 1983
Pssst Ultimate Play The Game Tim & Chris Stamper 1983
Tranz Am Ultimate Play The Game Tim & Chris Stamper 1983
Beach-Head U.S. Gold David J Anderson, Ian Morrison Access Software 1983
Angler Virgin Games Dirk Olivier 1983
Yomp Virgin Games Oz Software 1983
Android 2 Vortex Software Costa Panayi 1983
All or Nothing Abbex Electronics Paul Reynolds 1984
Krakatoa Abbex Electronics Paul Reynolds 1984
Beamrider Activision Software Conversions 1984
Ghostbusters Activision James Software (David Crane, David Aubrey Jones) Columbia Pictures 1984
HERO Activision Software Conversions 1984
Pitfall II: Lost Caverns Activision Software Conversions 1984
River Raid Activision Software Conversions 1984
Zenji Activision Software Conversions Mat Hubbard 1984
Pirate Adventure Adventure International Scott Adams, Alexis Adams 1984
Chuckie Egg A&F Software Nigel Alderton 1984
Son of Blagger Alligata Software Elliot Gay 1984
Galaxian Atarisoft David Aubrey Jones Namco 1984
Ms Pac-Man Atarisoft Namco/Atari Games 1984
Pac-Man Atarisoft Namco/Atari Games 1984
Pole Position Atarisoft Atari Games 1984
Deus Ex Machina Automata UK Mel Croucher 1984
Psytron Beyond Software Psy-Sci (Tayo Olowu, Paul Voysey) 1984
Spellbound Beyond Software PW Norris 1984
Lords of Midnight Beyond Software Mike Singleton JRR Tolkien 1984
Turmoil Bug-Byte David Turner 1984
Twin Kingdom Valley Bug-Byte Trevor Hall 1984
Abyss Cases Computer Simulations JPW Smith 1984
Timebomb CDS Microsystems 1984
Mrs Mopp Computasolve Tina Billett 1984
Danger Mouse in Double Trouble Creative Sparks Martin Harris, Nick Burroughs Cosgrove Hall 1984
Danger Mouse in the Black Forest Chateau Creative Sparks Brian Belson, Edgar Belka, Kevin Buckner Cosgrove Hall 1984
Zig Zag dk'tronics Ed Hickman 1984
Eureka! Domark Andromeda Software Ian Livingstone 1984
Codename MAT II Domark Derek Brewster 1984
Kokotoni Wilf Elite Systems Rory, Andy, Neil, Ste 1984
Booty Firebird Software John F Cain 1984
Mr Freeze Firebird Software David T Clark 1984
Viking Raiders Firebird Software Mark Lucas 1984
Wild Bunch Firebird Software Kevin Smith 1984
Boulder Dash Front Runner Chris Gray First Star Software 1984
Tir Na Nog Gargoyle Games Greg Follis, Roy Carter 1984
Oh Mummy Gem Software Darren White, John Line 1984
Potty Pigeon Gremlin Graphics Shaun Hollingworth, R Vessey, P Jackson 1984
Wanted: Monty Mole Gremlin Graphics Peter M Harrap 1984
Hareraiser Haresoft Kit Williams 1984
Avalon Hewson Consultants Steve Turner for Graftgold 1984
Knight Driver Hewson Consultants Simon Micro-Soft (Clive Brooker) 1984
Technician Ted Hewson Consultants Steve Marsden, David Cooke 1984
BC Bill Imagine Software Eric the Bear 1984
Millionaire Incentive Software John Hunt 1984
Heroes Of Karn Interceptor Micros David M Banner, Terry Greer 1984
Great Space Race Legend 1984
Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge Martech Ian McArdle Eddie Kidd 1984
Voyage into the Unknown Mastertronic Amoeba Software 1984
Survival Macmillan Software/Sinclair Research Five Ways Software 1984
Sir Lancelot Melbourne House Stephen Cargill, Arnie, Ian Piumarta 1984
Codename MAT Micromega Derek Brewster 1984
Kentilla Micromega Derek Brewster 1984
Alien Mind Games Concept Software (John Heap & Paul Clancey) 20th Century Fox 1984
Pyjamarama Mirko-Gen Chris Hinsley 1984
Emerald Isle Level 9 Level 9 1984
Erik the Viking Mosaic Publishing Level 9 (Pete Austin) 1984
Treasure Island Mr Micro Jim Greg 1984
Out of the Shadows Mizar Computing RW Walker & RMR Woodwardin 1984
Trashman New Generation Software Malcolm E Evans 1984
Daley Thompson's Decathlon Ocean Software Paul Owens, Christian F Urquhart Daley Thompson 1984
Gift from the Gods Ocean Software Denton Designs (John Gibson, Simon Butler) 1984
Gilligan's Gold Ocean Software Ronald Rhodes, Keith Burkhill 1984
Hunchback Ocean Software Paul Owens, Christian F Urquhart Century Electronics 1984
Evil Dead Palace Software Michael Fox Renaissance Pictures 1984
Panama Joe Parker Software/Sinclair Research Amazon Systems 1984
Battlezone Quicksilva Bill Witts Atari 1984
Zombie Zombie Quicksilva Spaceman Ltd (Sandy White & Angela Sutherland) 1984
Nebula Red Shift Julian Gollop 1984
Grand Prix Manager Silicon Joy 1984
Eric & the Floaters Sinclair Research Hudson Soft 1984
Jet Set Willy Software Projects Matthew Smith 1984
Lode Runner Software Projects Platinum Productions (David J Anderson, Ian Morrison) Brøderbund 1984
Lazy Jones Terminal Software Simon Cobb 1984
Knight Lore Ultimate Play The Game Tim & Chris Stamper 1984
Sabre Wulf Ultimate Play The Game Tim & Chris Stamper 1984
Underwurlde Ultimate Play The Game Tim & Chris Stamper 1984
Blue Max U.S. Gold Bob Polin Synapse Software 1984
Bruce Lee U.S. Gold Ron J Fortier & Kelly Day for Ocean Software Datasoft 1984
Strangeloop Virgin Games Charles Goodwin 1984
Tornado Low Level Vortex Software Costa Panayi 1984
Strontium Dog: The Killing Quicksilva Paul Hargreaves 2000 AD 1984
The Biz Virgin Games 1984
They Stole a Million 39 Steps Tigress Marketing 1985
Hacker Activision Softzone 1985
Software Star Addictive Games Kevin Toms 1985
Chuckie Egg 2 A&F Software 1985
Archon: The Light & the Dark Ariolasoft Lynsoft Electronic Arts 1985
Realm of Impossibility Ariolasoft Mike Edwards Electronic Arts 1985
Skyfox Ariolasoft Ray Tobey Electronic Arts 1985
Starquake Bubblebus Stephen Crow 1985
Doomdark's Revenge Beyond Software Mike Singleton 1985
Bounces Beyond Software Denton Designs (Steven Cain & Simon Butler) 1985
Shadowfire Beyond Software Denton Designs (Steven Cain & Simon Butler) 1985
Spy vs Spy Beyond Software Incentive Software (Tag, The Kid) First Star Software 1985
Arnhem Cases Computer Simulations Robert T Smith 1985
Their Finest Hour Century Communications John K Wilson, Nicholas Palmer 1985
Danger Mouse in Making Whoopee! Creative Sparks Phil Snell Cosgrove Hall 1985
Formula One CRL Group G.B. Munday, B.P. Wheelhouse 1985
Tau Ceti CRL Group Pete Cooke 1985
Bored of the Rings Delta 4 Fergus McNeill 1985
West Bank Dinamic Software Alvaro Mateos Herrera Sega 1985
Brian Bloodaxe Edge Software Charles Bystram 1985
Fairlight Edge Software Bo Jangeborg 1985
Back to the Future Electric Dreams Software Mark Eyles, Martin Walker, Herv Jones, Mike Saxby Amblin Entertainment 1985
Commando Elite Systems Keith Burkhill, Nigel Alderton, Jon Harrison Capcom 1985
Frank Bruno's Boxing Elite Systems Andy Williams, Trevor Perks, Paul Holmes, Gary Priest, Jon Harrison Frank Bruno 1985
Grand National Elite Systems Andy Williams, Paul Holmes 1985
Elite Firebird Software Torus Ian Bell, David Braben 1985
Subsunk Firebird Software Peter Torrance, Colin Liddle 1985
Barry McGuigan World Championship Boxing Gamestar A Lyndon, D Barnett Barry McGuigan 1985
Chaos Games Workshop Julian Gollop 1985
Dun Darach Gargoyle Games Greg Follis, Roy Carter 1985
Marsport Gargoyle Games Greg Follis, Roy Carter 1985
Monty is Innocent Gremlin Graphics Chris Kerry 1985
Monty on the Run Gremlin Graphics Peter M Harrap 1985
Southern Belle Hewson Consultants Bob Hillyer, Mike Male 1985
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Hill MacGibbon A Curtis, N Head Roald Dahl 1985
Fourth Protocol Hutchingson Computer Publishing Electronic Pencil Company (David Jones, Ray Owen, Andrew Glaister, Paul Norris, David Dunn) Frederick Forsyth 1985
Hyper Sports Imagine Software Jonathan Smith Konami 1985
Mikie Imagine Software Jonathan Smith, Martin Galway Konami 1985
Yie Ar Kung-Fu Imagine Software Konami 1985
Confuzion Incentive Software Brendan Kelly 1985
Moon Cresta Incentive Software Timothy Walter, Philip Taglione, Pete Carter 1985
Tales of the Arabian Nights Interceptor Micros Keith A Purkiss, D Deans, DJ Burt Sun Electric/Atari 1985
Empire of Karn Interceptor Micros 1985
Monopoly Leisure Games Mat Buckland Parker Brothers/Waddingtons 1985
Action Biker Mastertronic MJ Child KP Skips 1985
Finders Keepers Mastertronic David Jones 1985
Jason's Gem Mastertronic Simon White 1985
Nonterraqueous Mastertronic Stephen N Curtis, Mark Jacobs 1985
One Man & His Droid Mastertronic Clive Brooker, James Wilson 1985
Spellbound Mastertronic David Jones, Rob Hubbard, Ray 1985
Soul of a Robot Mastertronic Stephen N Curtis, Mark Jacobs 1985
Fighting Warrior Melbourne House Studio B (Stuart Cargill, Russell Comte) 1985
Way of the Exploding Fist Melbourne House Beam Software (Gregg Barnett, Greg Holland, Steven Taylor, William Tang) 1985
Gyroscope Melbourne House Steve Lamb, Tony Mack, Dave Dew 1985
Rock 'n Wrestle Melbourne House Beam Software (Steven Taylor, Frank Oldham, Damian Watharow) 1985
Sherlock Melbourne House Beam Software (Phillip Mitchell) 1984
Terrormolinos Melbourne House Trevor Lever, Peter Jones 1985
Back to Skool Microsphere David S Reidy, Keith Warrington 1985
Skool Daze Microsphere David S Reidy, Keith Warrington 1985
Everyone's A Wally Mikro-Gen Chris Hinsley 1985
Dynamite Dan Mirrorsoft Rod Bowkett 1985
Dynamite Dan II Mirrorsoft Rod Bowkett 1985
Frankie Goes to Hollywood Ocean Software Denton Designs (John Gibson, Karen Davies) Frankie Goes to Hollywood 1985
International Match Day Ocean Software Jon Ritman, Chris Clarke 1985
NOMAD Ocean Software Simon Butler, Ian Weatherburn, Roy Gibson 1985
Pud Pud in Weird World Ocean Software Jonathan Smith, Christine Smith 1985
Rambo Ocean Software Platinum Productions, David J Anderson, F David Thorpe Carolco Pictures 1985
Nodes of Yesod Odin Computer Graphics Steve Wetherill, Colin Grunes, Stuart James Fotheringham, Paul Salmon, Fred Gray 1985
Robin of the Wood Odin Computer Graphics Steve Wetherill, Paul Salmon, Fred Gray 1985
Cauldron Palace Software Tony Barber, Steve Brown 1985
Jet Set Willy II: The Final Frontier Software Projects Derrick P Rowson 1985
International Karate System 3 1985
Arc of Yesod Thor Computer Software Odin Computer Graphics 1985
Ian Botham's Test Match Tynesoft Ian Botham 1985
Alien 8 Ultimate Play The Game Tim & Chris Stamper 1985
Gunfright Ultimate Play The Game Tim & Chris Stamper 1985
Nightshade Ultimate Play The Game Tim & Chris Stamper 1985
Beach Head II: The Dictator Strikes Back U.S. Gold David J Anderson, Ian Morrison, Alan Laird Access Software 1985
Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom U.S. Gold Sega 1985
Dam Busters U.S. Gold Platinum Productions (David J Anderson, Ian Morrison) 1985
Impossible Mission U.S. Gold Epyx 1985
Raid over Moscow U.S. Gold Platinum Productions (David J Anderson, Ian Morrison, F David Thorpe) Access Software 1985
Spy Hunter U.S. Gold Bally Midway 1985
Tapper U.S. Gold Duncan Sinclair, Paul Holmes, Ian Morrison, David J Anderson Bally Midway 1985
Zaxxon U.S. Gold David J Anderson, Ian Morrison Sega 1985
Cyclone Vortex Software Costa Panayi 1985
Highway Encounter Vortex Software Costa Panayi 1985
Ballblazer Activision Graeme Devine Lucasfilm Games 1986
Eidolon, The Activision PAW Software (Tony Adams, Tony Porter) Lucasfilm Games 1986
Rescue on Fractalus! Activision Dalali Software Lucasfilm Games 1986
Kirel Addictive Games Siegfried Kurtz 1986
Hardball! Advance Software Sean Pearce Accolade 1986
Loco Alligata Software Richard Stevenson, Nigel Speight, David Wright 1986
Survivors Atlantis Software Glynn Carey 1986
Graham Gooch's Test Cricket Audiogenic Software R Desforges Graham Gooch 1986
Enigma Force Beyond Software Denton Designs (Steven Cain & Simon Butler) 1986
BMX Simulator Jon Harrison, Tony Porter Codemasters 1986
Dizzy Codemasters Oliver twins 1986
Boggit, The CRL Group Delta 4 (Fergus McNeill, Judith Child) 1986
Dracula CRL Group Rod Pike, Ian Ellery 1986
Army Moves Dinamic Software Victor Ruiz, Santiago Morga, Manuel Cubedo, Javier Cubedo 1986
Friday the 13th Domark Paramount Pictures 1986
Split Personalities Domark Ernieware, David Whittaker 1986
Fat Worm Blows a Sparky Durell Software Julian Todd 1986
Saboteur Durell Software Clive Townsend 1986
Thanatos Durell Software Mike A Richardson, Jane Richardson, Julian Breeze 1986
Turbo Esprit Durell Software Mike A Richardson 1986
Bobby Bearing Edge Software Robert Figgins, Trevor Figgins 1986
Fairlight II Edge Software Bo Jangeborg, Niclas Osterlin 1986
Shao-Lin's Road Edge Software Mike Leaman, Stephen Cargill Konami 1986
Aliens: The Computer Game Electric Dreams Software Steve Cartwright, Glyn Anderson, Peter Kaminski, Gene Smith, John May, John White 20th Century Fox 1986
Aliens Electric Dreams Software Pennsoft, Soft Machine, Mev Dinc 20th Century Fox 1986
Big Trouble in Little China Electric Dreams Software Mev Dinc, Focus 20th Century Fox 1986
Hijack Electric Dreams Software Paradise Software (David Shea, Mark Eyles, Nigel Brownjohn) 1986
Dandy Electric Dreams Software RamJam 1986
Spindizzy Electric Dreams Software Paul Shirley, Phil Churchyard 1986
Super Hang On Electric Dreams Software Chris Wood, ZZKJ, Mev Dinc Sega 1986
1942 Elite Systems Dominic Wood Capcom 1986
Bomb Jack Elite Systems Paul Holmes, Andy Williams Tehkan 1986
Ghosts 'n Goblins Elite Systems Keith Burkhill, Nigel Alderton, Jon Harrison Capcom 1986
Paperboy Elite Systems Steve Lamb, Tony Mack Atari Games 1986
Roller Coaster Elite Systems S Brockelhurst 1986
Space Harrier Elite Systems Keith Burkhill Sega 1986
Light Force Faster Than Light Greg Follis, Roy Carter 1986
Druid Firebird Software Dean Carter, Andrew Bailey 1986
Empire! Firebird Software Andrew Glaister 1986
Rebelstar Firebird Software Julian Gollop 1986
Seabase Delta Firebird Software Peter Torrance, Colin Liddle 1986
Thrust Firebird Software Jeremy Smith, Dave Lowe 1986
Heavy on the Magick Gargoyle Games Roy Carter, Greg Follis 1986
Sweevo's World Gargoyle Games Roy Carter, Greg Follis 1986
Jack the Nipper Gremlin Graphics Greg A Holmes, Mick Laa, Peter M Harrap 1986
Trailblazer Gremlin Graphics Shaun Hollingworth, Peter M Harrap, Chris Kerry 1986
Pyracurse Hewson Consultants Mark Goodall, Keith Prosser 1986
Quazatron Hewson Consultants Steve Turner 1986
Uridium Hewson Consultants Dominic Robinson 1986
Uridium+ Hewson Consultants Dominic Robinson 1986
Green Beret Imagine Software Jonathan Smith, F David Thorpe Konami 1986
MOVIE Imagine Software Dusko Dimitrijevic, F David Thorpe 1986
Ping Pong Imagine Software Bernie Duggs, Martin Galway Konami 1986
Terra Cresta Imagine Software Jonathan Smith, Martin Galway Nichibutsu 1986
Yie Ar Kung-Fu II Imagine Software Julian Horn Konami 1986
Jackal Konami Cyclone (David Whitehouse, Stephen Lockley, Adrian Carless) Konami 1986
Kane Mastertronic Simon Freeman, John Darnell 1986
The Incredible Shrinking Fireman Mastertronic A Mitchell, Dave K 1986
Molecule Man Mastertronic Robin Thompson 1986
Universal Hero Mastertronic Stuart Middleton, Ray Tredoux, Chris Harvey 1986
Zub Mastertronic John Pickford, Ste Pickford, David Whittaker 1986
180 Mastertronic Added Dimension Ste Pickford, David Whittaker 1986
Knight Tyme Mastertronic Added Dimension David Jones, David Whittaker, Ray 1986
Master of Magic Mastertronic Added Dimension Tim Miller Richard Darling 1986
Sport of Kings Mastertronic Added Dimension Jeff Calder 1986
Asterix & the Magic Cauldron Melbourne House William Tang, Andrew Pierson, Frank Oldham René Goscinny & Albert Uderzo 1986
Lord of the Rings: Game One Melbourne House Beam Software (Philip Mitchell) JRR Tolkien 1986
Marble Madness Melbourne House John F Cain Atari Games 1986
Contact Sam Cruise Microsphere David S Reidy, Keith Warrington 1986
Mission Omega Mind Games Stephen Ward 1986
iD Nu Wave Sortware Mel Croucher, Colin Jones 1986
Batman Ocean Software Jon Ritman, Bernie Drummond DC Comics 1986
Cobra Ocean Software Jonathan Smith, Martin Galway Warner Brothers 1986
Daley Thompson's Supertest Ocean Software Paul Owens, Jonathan Smith, F David Thorpe, Dan Hartley Daley Thompson 1986
Donkey Kong Ocean Software Sentient Software (John Mullins, Clive Paul, T Fagelman) Nintendo 1986
Great Escape, The Ocean Software Denton Designs 1986
Transformers, The Ocean Software Hasbro 1986
Heartland Odin Computer Graphics Odin Computer Graphics 1986
Hypaball Odin Computer Graphics Bernie Duggs 1986
Barbarian Palace Software Steve Brown, Shaun Griffiths, Richard Joseph 1986
Cauldron II: The Pumpkin Strikes Back Palace Software Steve Brown, Richard Leinfellner, Richard Joseph 1986
Sacred Armour of Antiriad Palace Software Chris Stangroom, Dan Malone, Richard Joseph 1986
Colour of Magic, The Piranha Games Delta 4 Software Terry Pratchett 1986
Rogue Trooper Piranha Games Design Design 2000 AD 1986
Trap Door, The Piranha Games Don Priestley CMTB Animation/Queensgate Productions 1986
Mantronix Probe Software Syrox Developments 1986
Theatre Europe PSS Sean Pearce, David Bolton 1986
Elevator Action Quicksilva Binary Design (David Whittaker) Taito 1986
Glider Rider Quicksilva Binary Design 1986
Jewels of Darkness Rainbird Level 9 1986
Starglider Rainbird Ian Oliver, Graeme Baird, Dave Lowe 1986
Deactivators Reaktor Tigress Marketing 1986
Dragon's Lair Software Projects Paul Hodgson, Andy Walker Magicom/Cinematronics 1986
Superman: The Game Telecomsoft Jim Nangano, Fernando Herrera First Star Software, DC Comics 1986
Orbix the Terrorball Streetwise John Pragnell 1986
Hercules The Power House Quantum Productions Interdisc 1986
Cyberun Ultimate Play The Game 1986
Pentagram Ultimate Play The Game 1986
Ace of Aces U.S. Gold Paragon Programming Artech Digital Entertainment 1986
Breakthru U.S. Gold Paul Houbart, Simon Butler, Dawn Drake Data East 1986
Crystal Castles U.S. Gold Andromeda Software Atari 1986
Infiltrator U.S. Gold Paragon Programming (Chris Gray) 1986
Kung-Fu Master U.S. Gold David J Anderson, F David Thorpe Data East 1986
Revolution U.S. Gold Vortex Software (Costa Panayi) 1986
Winter Games U.S. Gold Jon Woods, Geoff Brown, F David Thorpe Epyx 1986
Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future Virgin Games Gang of Five (Dave B Chapman, Martin Wheeler) Eagle Magazine 1986
Alien Highway Vortex Software Mark Haigh-Hutchinson 1986
Scooby Doo in the Castle Mystery Elite Systems Ltd Gargoyle Games (Greg Follis, Roy Carter) Hanna-Barbera 1986
Alien Syndrome ACE Software Pamela Roberts, Jack Wilkes, Mike Marchant Sega 1987
Enduro Racer Activision Giga Games (Alan Laird, Ian Morrison) Sega 1987
Hacker II: The Doomsday Papers Activision Steve Cartwright 1987
Knightmare Activision MD Software (Mevlut Dinc, Jonathan P Dean, EM Dean, Nick Cooke) ITV 1987
Koronis Rift Activision Mr Micro (John May, John White) LucasArts 1987
Little Computer People Activision Byron Nilsson, Richard Gold 1987
Predator Activision Source Software (James Fisher) 20th Century Fox 1987
Quartet Activision Antony R Lill Sega 1987
Super Sprint Activision Electric Dreams Software; Tony Mack, Mark A Jones Atari Games 1987
Wonder Boy Activision Sega 1987
Agent Orange A&F Software 1987
Star Wreck Alternative Software Charles A Sharp 1987
Satcom Atlantis Software B Halhead 1987
Nether Earth Argus Press Software 1987
Colony Bulldog Ste Cork 1987
Feud Bulldog Binary Design (John Pickford, Ste Pickford) 1987
Streaker Bulldog Geoff Calder 1987
ATV Simulator Codemasters Tim Miller, David Whittaker 1987
Ghost Hunters Codemasters Oliver Twins 1987
Professional Ski Simulator Codemasters Oliver Twins 1987
Super Robin Hood Codemasters Mark Baldock 1987
Academy CRL Group Pete Cooke 1987
Frankenstein CRL Group Rod Pike, Jared Derrett 1987
Jack the Ripper CRL Group St Bride's School 1987
Freddy Hardest Dinamic Software Emilio Pablo Salgueiro Torrado, Luis Rodriguez, Javier Cubedo, Manuel Cubedo, Raul Ortega Palacios 1987
Game Over Dinamic Software Snatcho 1987
Star Wars Domark Andy Craven, Derek Austin, David Whittaker Atari 1987
Saboteur II Durell Software Clive Townsend, Rob Hubbard 1987
Sigma 7 Durell Software Mike A Richardson, Julian Breeze 1987
Star Raiders II Electric Dreams Software Simon Freeman, Gary Stark, Bruce Poelman Atari 1987
Tempest Electric Dreams Software David Pridmore Atari 1987
Los Angeles SWAT Entertainment USA Beechnut 1987
Hydrofool Faster Than Light Roy Carter, Greg Follis 1987
Bubble Bobble Firebird Software Mike Follin, Andrew Threllfall, Tim Follin Taito 1987
Cholo Firebird Software 1987
Dark Sceptre Firebird Software Mike Singleton, David Gautrey & Alan Jardine as Maelstrom Games for Beyond Software 1987
Flying Shark Firebird Software Graftgold (Dominic Robinson, John Cumming) Taito 1987
I, Ball Firebird Software Timothy Closs, Kev 1987
Park Patrol Firebird Software Andrew Rogers 1987
Sentinel, The Firebird Software Software Creations (Mike Follin, Geoff Crammond, Tim Follin) 1987
Sidewize Firebird Software Odin Computer Graphics 1987
Trantor: The Last Stormtrooper Go! David Quinn, Nick Bruty, David Whittaker 1987
Auf Wiedersehen Monty Gremlin Graphics Shaun Hollingworth, Peter M Harrap, Chris Kerry, Benn Daglish 1987
Jack the Nipper II: In Coconut Capers Gremlin Graphics Greg A Holmes, David Pridmore, Benn Daglish 1987
Krakout Gremlin Graphics Rob Toone, Greg A Holmes, Andy Green, Benn Daglish 1987
Moley Christmas Gremlin Graphics/Your Sinclair Shaun Hollingworth, Peter M Harrap, Chris Kerry 1987
Evening Star Hewson Consultants Mike Male, Bob Hillyer 1987
Exolon Hewson Consultants Raffaele Cecco, Nick Jones 1987
Nebulus Hewson Consultants John M Phillips 1987
Ranarama Hewson Consultants Graftgold (Steve Turner) 1987
Zynaps Hewson Consultants John Cumming, Dominic Robinson, Stephen Crow, Steve Turner 1987
3DC Hit-Pak Fatman, Dobbin, Neil Strudwick 1987
Batty Hit-Pak 1987
Great Gurianos Hit-Pak Res-Illusions (David Perry) Taito 1987
Blasteroids Image Works Atari 1987
Arkanoid Imagine Software Mike Lamb, Ronny Fowles, Mark R Jones Taito 1987
Athena Imagine Software Andrew Deakin, Ivan Horn, Martin Galway SNK 1987
Legend of Kage, The Imagine Software Gary Knight, Simon Butler Taito 1987
Psycho Soldier Imagine Software Source Softwate (Ross Harris SNK 1987
Renegade Imagine Software Mike Lamb, Ronny Fowles, Fred Gray Taito 1987
Slap Fight Imagine Software Probe Software Taito 1987
Driller Incentive Software Major Developments (Chris Andrews, Paul Gregory, Stephen Northcott) 1987
Nemesis Konami Cyclone, Stuart Ruecroft Konami 1987
Salamander Konami Andrew Glaister, Stuart Ruecroft Konami 1987
Gnome Ranger Level 9 Level 9 1987
XOR Logotron Stuart Gregg 1987
Uchi Mata Martech Games 1987
Rasterscan Mastertronic Binary Design (John Pickford, Steve Hughes, Ste Pickford) 1987
Rescue Mastertronic Ste Cork, Tiny Williams 1987
Rigel's Revenge Mastertronic Smart Egg Software (Ron Harris, Nigel Brooks, Said Hassan, Ross Harris) 1987
Stormbringer Mastertronic David Jones, David Whittaker 1987
Amaurote Mastertronic Added Dimension John Pickford, Ste Pickford, David Whittaker 1987
Motos Mastertronic Added Dimension Binary Design (Matthew Rhodes, Ste Pickford, Jas C Brooke) Namco 1987
Legions of Death MC Lothlorien 1987
Barbarian Melbourne House Paul Murray, Ed Knight 1987
Knuckle Busters Melbourne House Beam Software (Steven Taylor, Paul Gomm, Consult, Antony M Scott, Marco Duroe) 1987
F-15 Strike Eagle Microprose Laszlo Szenttornyai, Imre Kovats 1987
Gunship Microprose Darrel Deaniss, Andy Hollis, Arnold Hendrick, Iris Idokogi 1987
Slient Service Microprose Software Sid Meier & Simon Butler 1987
Hades Nebula Nexus Production Paranoid Software 1987
Mercenary Novagen Software David Aubrey Jones Paul Woakes 1987
Gryzor Ocean Software Paul Owens, Mark R Jones, David Whittaker Konami 1987
Match Day Ocean Software Jon Ritman, Bernie Drummond 1987
Head Over Heels Ocean Software Jon Ritman 1987
Mario Bros Ocean Software Choice Software (Jon Woods) Nintendo 1987
Match Day II Ocean Software Jon Ritman, Bernie Drummond, Guy Stevens 1987
Phantom Club Ocean Software Dusko Dimitrijevic, Dragoljub Andjelkovic 1987
Short Circuit Ocean Software Paul Owens, Ronny Fowles, Simon Golding Columbia TriStar Pictures 1987
Top Gun Ocean Software Mike Lamb, Ronny Fowles Paramount Pictures 1987
Last Mission, The Opera Soft Opera Soft 1987
Stifflip & Co Palace Software Paul Norris, Rupert Bowater, Richard Joseph 1987
Astonishing Adventures of Mr Weems & the She Vampires Piranha Games RamJam 1987
Flunky Piranha Games Don Priestley 1987
Joe Blade Players Software Colin Swinbourne 1987
Deviants Players Software Colin Swinbourne, Andrew Severn 1987
Sorcerer Lord PSS PSS 1987
Jinxter Rainbird Magnetic Scrolls 1987
Knight Orc Rainbird Level 9 1987
Pawn, The Rainbird Magnetic Scrolls 1987
Starfox Reaktor Realtime Games Software 1987
Hysteria Software Projects Special FX Software (Jonathan Smith, Karen Davies, Tony Pomfret, Stephen Wahid) 1987
Red LED Starlight Software 1987
1999 Summit Softward Ice Cool Coders (Chris Pile, Balor Knight, Stephen Corry) 1987
International Karate + System 3 Dan Michek, Rob Hubbard 1987
Gun.Smoke Topo Soft Miguel Blanco Viu, Julio Martin, Gominolas, Gonzalo Martin Capcom 1987
Bubbler Ultimate Play The Game 1987
10th Frame U.S. Gold John Prince, Donald Campbell Access Software 1987
720° U.S. Gold John Prince, Donald Campbell Atari Games 1987
Black Magic U.S. Gold Paragon Programming Datasoft 1987
California Games U.S. Gold Epyx 1987
Express Raider U.S. Gold Homega Software Data East 1987
Gauntlet U.S. Gold Gremlin Graphics (Tony Porter, Kevin Bulmer, Bill Allen) Atari Games 1987
Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom U.S. Gold John Prince, Donald Campbell Atari Games 1987
Metro-Cross U.S. Gold Probe Software Namco 1987
Road Runner U.S. Gold Canvas (James Bagley, Dawn Drake Atari Games 1987
Rygar U.S. Gold Probe Software (Antony R Lill) Temco 1987
Solomon's Key U.S. Gold Probe Software (Raffaele Cecco, Nick Jones) Tecmo 1987
Survivor U.S. Gold Rafael Gomez, Rafael Angel Garcia Cabrera, Gominolas, Javier Cano Fuente Topo Soft 1987
World Games U.S. Gold F David Thorpe Epyx 1987
Xevious U.S. Gold Namco 1987
How to be a Complete Bastard Virgin Games Sentient Software (Elliot Gay, Allistair Watt) Adrian Edmonson 1987
Action Force Virgin Games Gang of Five 1987
Judge Dredd Melbourne House Beam Software 2000 AD 1987
Slaine, the Celtic Barbarian Martech Games Creative Reality (Jason Austin, Dave Dew) 2000 AD 1987
Nemesis the Warlock Martech Games Creative Reality (Jason Austin, Dave Dew, Michael Archer, Rob Hubbard) 2000 AD 1987
Milk Race Mastertronic Icon Design Ltd (Phil Berry, Stuart Ruecroft, David Whittaker) 1987
Train: Escape to Normandy Accolade Nick Wilson 1988
After Burner Activision Keith Burkhill, Jon Paul Eldridge Sega 1988
Altered Beast Activision Mark A Jones Sega 1988
Galactic Games Activision Tigress Marketing 1988
Gee Bee Air Rally Activision Steve Cartwright 1988
Mindfighter Activision Abstract Concepts (Anna Popkess, Fergus McNeill) 1988
Rampage Activision Catalyst Coders (Bob Pape, Mark A Jones, Colin Tuck) Bally Midway 1988
SDI Activision Software Studios, Source Software (Ross Harris) Sega 1988
Laser Squad Blade Software Target Games (Julian Gollop, Nick Gollop) 1988
19 Part One: Boot Camp Cascade Games Paul Laidlaw, Tony Warriner, Sean Conran, Damon Redmond 1988
TRAZ Cascade Games 1988
Advanced Pinball Simulator Codemasters Oliver Twins, Neil Adamson, David Whittaker, Jon Paul Eldridge 1988
Wolfman CRL Group Rod Pike, Jared Derrett 1988
ATF Digital Integration Ian Beynon, Neil Coxhead, Kevin J Bezant 1988
Navy Moves Dinamic Software Ignacio Abril, Jorge Azpiri, Javier Cubedo, Deborah, Fernando Cubedo 1988
Inside Outing Edge Software Michael St Aubyn 1988
Karnov Electric Dreams Software Mr Micro (John May, John White) Data East 1988
R-Type Electric Dreams Software Software Studios (Bob Pape, Mark A Jones, Robert L Hylands) Irem 1988
Arcticfox Electronic Arts Mark Fisher 1988
Bard's Tale Electronic Arts Michael Cranford 1988
Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer Electronic Arts Stefan Walker Chuck Yeager 1988
Beyond the Ice Palace Elite Systems 1988
Buggy Boy Elite Systems Maz H Spork, Paul Walker, Mark Cooksey Tatsumi 1988
Ikari Warriors Elite Systems David Shea, Nick Jones SNK 1988
Captain Blood Exxos Didier Bouchon, Philippe Ulrich, Chris Edwards, Stephane Picq 1988
Crosswize Firebird Software Steve Wetherill, Colin Grunes 1988
Earthlight Firebird Software Pete Cooke 1988
Plot, The Firebird Software Odin Computer Graphics 1988
Samurai Warrior: The Battles of Usagi Yojimbo Firebird Software Source Software (Ross Harris) Stan Sakai 1988
Savage Firebird Software Probe Software (David Perry, Nick Bruty, David Whittaker) 1988
Virus Firebird Software Steven Dunn Frontier Developments 1988
Xarax Firebird Software Robert Spahl, Thomas Gittelbauer 1988
1943: The Battle of Midway Go! Capcom 1988
Bionic Commando Go! Mike Follin, Andrew Threllfall, Tim Follin Capcom 1988
Side Arms Go! Probe Software Capcom 1988
Street Fighter Go! John Prince, Duncan Campbell, Martin Wakeley Capcom 1988
Hunt for Red October (Book) Grandslam Entertainment Oxford Digital Enterprises (Michael Fox) Tom Clancy 1988
Pac-Mania Grandslam Entertainment Krisalis Software (Shaun Hollingworth) Namco 1988
Muncher, The Gremlin Graphics Beam Software (Dave Moore, Rob Howard) Chewits 1988
North Star Gremlin Graphics John O'Brien, Benn Daglish 1988
Techno Cop Gremlin Graphics Tony Porter, Gary Priest, Jon Harrison, Kevin Bulmer, Benn Daglish 1988
Cybernoid II Hewson Consultants Raffaele Cecco 1988
Eliminator Hewson Consultants John Wildsmith, Stephen Crow, Nick Jones 1988
Netherworld Hewson Consultants Imagitec Design (Chris Wood, J Dave Rogers) 1988
Arkanoid: Revenge of Doh Imagine Software Mike Lamb, Ronny Fowles, Gary Biasillo, Mark R Jones Taito 1988
Dragon Ninja Imagine Software Paul Owens, Mark R Jones, Bill Harbison Data East 1988
Guerrilla War Imagine Software Sentient Software (Andrew Postlewhite, Clive Paul, Jonathan Dunn) SNK 1988
Play For Your Life Imagine Software/Your Sinclair Dusko Dimitrijevic, Dragoljub Andjelkovic 1988
Rastan Imagine Software Icon Design (Tom Lanigan, Paul Murray, Jas C Brooke) Taito 1988
Target: Renegade Imagine Software Mike Lamb, Dawn Drake, Jonathan Dunn, Gary Biasillo, Simon Butler 1988
Typhoon Imagine Software Steve Lamb, Alison Jeftha, Jonathan Dunn Konami 1988
Ingrid's Back Level 9 Level 9 1988
Lancelot Mandarin Software Level 9 1988
Time & Magik Mandarin Software Level 9 1988
Mega-Apocalypse Martech Software Communications (John K Wilson, Jas C Brooke) 1988
Rex Martech The Light (Neil Harris, John Anderson, Richard Allen) 1988
Nigel Mansell's Grand Prix Martech DJL Software (David J Looker, John Looker) Nigel Mansell 1988
Vixen Martech Ian McArdle, D Richards, Malcolm J Smith, Jas C Brooke 1988
Kikstart 2 Mastertronic Icon Design (Paul Murray, Andrew Morris) BBC 1988
Pulse Warrior Mastertronic Silhouette Software (John F Cain, Simon Price) 1988
Pulsoids Mastertronic John F Cain, Simon Price 1988
Rogue Mastertronic Icon Design (R Womack) 1988
Rollaround Mastertronic Mr Chip Software (Steve Parys, Andrew Morris, Tony Kelly 1988
Xenon Melbourne House Jason Cowling, Tiny Williams, David Whittaker Bitmap Brothers 1988
Airborne Ranger Microprose Software John Gibson 1988
Tetris Mirrorsoft Peter Jones, David Whittaker Alexey Pajitnov 1988
Batman the Caped Crusader Ocean Software Jonathan Smith, Charles Davies, Keith Tinman DC Comics 1988
Cabal Ocean Software James Bagley, Charles Davies, Keith Tinman TAD Corporation 1988
Madballs Ocean Software Denton Designs (Steve Lamb, Jas C Brooke) Amtoy 1988
Operation Wolf Ocean Software Andrew Deakin, Ivan Horn, Jonathan Dunn Taito 1988
Platoon Ocean Software Choice Software (Sean Pearce, David Lyttle, Simon Butler, David Whittaker) Hemdale Film Corporation 1988
Rambo III Ocean Software Andrew Deakin, Ivan Horn, Jonathan Dunn Carolco Pictures 1988
RoboCop Ocean Software Mike Lamb, Dawn Drake, Jonathan Dunn Orion Pictures Corporation 1988
Track & Field Ocean Software Ali Davidson, P Knecht Konami 1988
Where Time Stood Still Ocean Software Denton Designs 1988
La Abadía del Crimen Opera Soft Paco Menendez, Juan Delcán 1988
Denizen Players Software Paul Griffiths, Mike Brown, Martin Severn, Andrew Severn 1988
Joe Blade 2 Players Software Colin Swinbourne 1988
Corruption Rainbird Magnetic Scrolls 1988
Fish! Rainbird Magnetic Scrolls 1988
Beach Buggy Simulator Silverbird 1988
Lightning Simulator Silverbird Software Michael Bauer 1988
Last Ninja 2 System 3 MD Software (Mevlut Dinc, Gary Thornton, Brian Marshall) 1988
Countdown to Doom Topologika Peter Killworth 1988
4x4 Off-Road Racing U.S. Gold Steve Marsden, David Cooke Epyx 1988
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes of the Lance U.S. Gold Teoman Irmak, Matt Ellis, Antony M Scott, Graham Lilley, A Bridgeman SSI 1988
Gauntlet II U.S. Gold Gremlin Graphics (Tony Porter, Kevin Bulmer, Benn Daglish) Atari Games 1988
Human Killing Machine U.S. Gold Mark Tait 1988
Impossible Mission II U.S. Gold Andromeda Software (Laszlo Szenttornyai, Imre Kovats) Epyx 1988
Out Run U.S. Gold Ian Morrison, Alan Laird, Jas C Brooke Sega 1988
Psycho Pigs UXB U.S. Gold Software Creations (Ste Cork, Peter Gough, Wayne Blake) Jaleco 1988
RoadBlasters U.S. Gold DJL Software (David J Looker) Atari Games 1988
Rolling Thunder U.S. Gold Tiertex (John Prince, Duncan Campbell, Martin Wakeley) Namco 1988
Summer Games U.S. Gold Choice Software Epyx 1988
Summer Games II U.S. Gold Steve Hawkes Epyx 1988
Action Force II Virgin Games Gang of Five 1988
Duel: Test Drive II Accolade Random Access (Alan Jardine) 1989
Dynamite Dux Activision CORE Design (Stuart Gregg) Sega 1989
Fighting Soccer Activision Sprytes SNK 1989
Ghostbusters II Activision Foursfield (Oliver Twins, David Whittaker) Columbia Pictures 1989
Power Drift Activision John Mullins, Clive Paul Sega 1989
Super Wonder Boy Activision Robert L Hylands, Jason Lihou Sega 1989
Repton Alligata Software Superior Software, Gil Jaysmith 1989
Kick Off Anco John Mitchell 1989
Plasma Ball Atlantis Software Gavin Wade, Chris Edwards 1989
Superkid Atlantis Software Shaw Brothers 1989
Emlyn Hughes International Soccer Audiogenic Software Graham Blighe, Nigel Alderton, Terry Wiley, Andrew Calver, Peter Calver Emlyn Hughes 1989
Kendo Warrior Byte Back MC Lothlorien (Doug Anderson, Anthony Anderson, Paul Tonge) 1989
Ring Wars Cascade Games Vektor Grafix 1989
Defender of the Crown The Cat David Taletovics, Tamas Kaproncai, Norbert Dombi 1989
Magicland Dizzy Codemasters Big Red Software (R Fred Williams, David Whittaker), Neal Vincent 1989
Mig 29 Soviet Fighter Codemasters Richard C Chaney, Neil Adamson 1989
Moto Cross Simulator Codemasters Supersonic Software (Peter Williamson, Neil Adamson, David Whittaker) 1989
Ninja Massacre Codemasters Adam Waring 1989
Rock Star Ate My Hamster Codemasters Colin Jones 1989
Street Gang Football Codemasters Supersonic Software (Peter Williamson, Lyndon Sharp), 1989
Kemshu Cult Games Nick Fleming 1989
After the War Dinamic Software Enrique Cervera, Snatcho 1989
APB Domark David Whittaker Atari 1989
Badlands Domark Matt Furniss Atari 1989
Dragon Spirit Domark Consult Software (AJ Madden) Tengen/Namco 1989
Hard Drivin' Domark Binary Design Tengen/Atari 1989
Toobin' Domark Shaun Hollingworth, James Tripp, Mark Potente, Matt Furniss Atari 1989
Vindicators Domark M Hiddleston, Paul Johnson, Dave Kelly Tengen 1989
Xybots Domark Teque Software Development Atari 1989
Skate or Die! Electronic Arts Kinetic Designs (Michael Kosaka, Mike Talbot, Stephen Landrum, Tim McCarthy, David Bunch, Sarah Day) 1989
Question of Sport, A Elite Systems Byron Nilsson, John May BBC 1989
Archon II: Adept Electronic Arts Lynsoft 1989
Action Fighter Firebird Software CORE Design Sega 1989
Mr Heli Firebird Software Antony R Lill Irem 1989
Rick Dangerous Firebird Software CORE Design 1989
Black Tiger Go! Tiertex Capcom 1989
Pac-Land Grandslam Entertainment/Quicksilva Steve Marsden Namco 1989
Running Man, The Grandslam Entertainment Emerald Software (Fran Heeran, Bobby Healy, Jonathan Broggy, Mark Cushen) TAFT Entertainment Pictures 1989
Paranoia Complex Gremlin Graphics Magic Bytes, Micro-Partner (Olaf Marohn, Volker Marohn, Udo Graf) 1989
Zybex Gremlin Graphics Gareth J Briggs, Michael Owens, Kevin Franklin 1989
Stormlord Hewson Consultants Raffaele Cecco, J Dave Rogers, Nick Jones 1989
Tintin on the Moon Infogrames David Perry, Nick Bruty 1989
Renegade III: The Final Chapter Imagine Software Andrew Deakin, Ivan Horn, Jonathan Dunn 1989
Victory Road Imagine Software Chris Edwards SNK 1989
Scapeghost Level 9 Level 9 1989
Tom & Jerry 2 Magic Bytes Henrik Nordhaus, Frank Woischke Hanna-Barbera 1989
Mindtrap Mastertronic Predrag Beciric 1989
Aaargh! Melbourne House DS Whelan, Tom Green, Ben Jackson 1989
Double Dragon Melbourne House Binary Design (David Leitch) Taito/American Technos 1989
Obliterator Melbourne House Paul Murray, Ed Knight 1989
War in Middle Earth Melbourne House Mike Singleton, Alan Clark, Bob Clardy JRR Tolkien 1989
Stunt Car Racer Micro Style Geoff Crammond, Pete Cooke 1989
Xenophobe Micro Style Barry Leitch Bally Midway 1989
Chase HQ Ocean Software John O'Brien, Bill Harbison, Jonathan Dunn Taito 1989
New Zealand Story Ocean Software Choice Software (G Weatherup, Jonathan Dunn) Taito 1989
Operation Thunderbolt Ocean Software Andrew Deakin, Ivan Horn, Matthew Cannon Taito 1989
Untouchables, The Ocean Software James Higgins, Martin McDonald, Jonathan Dunn Paramount Pictures 1989
Times of Lore Origin Software 1989
Joe Blade 3 Players Software Colin Swinbourne 1989
Subway Vigilante Players Premier Software Brian Cross, Ian Sheridan, Andrew Severn, Colin Swinbourne 1989
Task Force Players Premier Software Sonja Knight, Richard Beston, Andrew Severn, Martin Severe, Ian Sheridan 1989
Myth Rainbird Magnetic Scrolls 1989
Starglider 2 Rainbird Steven Dunn 1989
Rock 'n' Roll Rainbow Arts Imagitec Design 1989
Carrier Command Rainbird Andrew Onions, Dave Lowe 1989
Peter Packrat Silverbird Software Software Creations (Lee Wilson, Mark Wilson, Tim Follin) Tengen/Atari Games 1989
Myth: History in the Making System 3 Concept Animations (Neil Dodwell, Dave Dew) 1989
Sanxion Thalamus Softstorm Developments (Dave Thompson, Jarrod Bentley, Wally Beben) 1989
Superman: The Man of Steel Tynesoft Paul Drummond First Star Software, DC Comics 1989
Puffy's Saga UBI Soft Ashminster Computing (Chris Jones, Jon Medhurst) 1989
Forgotten Worlds U.S. Gold Arc Developments Capcom 1989
Ghouls 'n Ghosts U.S. Gold Software Creations (Mike Follin, Andrew Threllfall, John Tatlock, Ben Jackson, Tim Follin) Capcom 1989
Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade U.S. Gold Tiertex (Mark Haigh-Hutchinson, Blue Turtle, Mark Tait) Lucasfilm/Paramount Pictures 1989
Moonwalker U.S. Gold Emerald Softwave Michael Jackson 1989
Strider U.S. Gold Tiertex Capcom 1989
Vigilante U.S. Gold Emerald Software Irem 1989
Continental Circus Virgin Mastertronic Teque Software Development (Peter Hickinson, Bill Caunt, Mark Edwards) Taito 1989
Double Dragon II: The Revenge Virgin Mastertronic Binary Design American Technos 1989
Gemini Wing Virgin Mastertronic Imagitec Design (Chris Edwards, Barry Leitch) Tecmo 1989
Ninja Warriors, The Virgin Games Sales Curve (Nigel Brown, Tiny Williams) Taito 1989
Shinobi Virgin Games Sales Curve (David Leitch, Drew Northcott, Hayden Dalton, Tiny Williams) Sega 1989
Silkworm Virgin Games Random Access (Nigel Brown, Ned Langman Tecmo 1989
Jocky Wilson's Darts Challenge Zeppelin Games Spike, Think Jocky Wilson 1989
Grand Prix Circuit Accolade Random Access, Chris Lowe 1990
Dragon Breed Activision Bob Pape, Nick Cooke Irem 1990
Fighter Bomber Activision Vektor Grafix (George Iwanow, Terry Spencer, Derrick Austin) 1990
Hot Rod Activision Walking Circles (Graham Stafford) Sega 1990
Ninja Spirit Activision Software Studios Irem 1990
Kick Off 2 Anco Enigma Variations (Shaun G McClure) 1990
Lords of Chaos Blade Software Target Games (Julian Gollop, Nick Gollop, Shaun G McClure) 1990
Breakneck Lusitânia Software Laurindo Sobrinho, Lucio Quintal and Tony Sobrinho 1990
Little Puff in Dragonland Cartoon Time Consult Software (Christian F Urquhart, Paul Johnson) 1990
Dizzy Panic! Codemasters Big Red Software/Oliver Twins 1990
Kwik Snax Codemasters WASP (Lyndon Sharp, Chris Graham) 1990
Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters Domark Teque Software Development (Jim Tripp, Matt Furniss) Atari/Tengen 1990
Cyberball Domark Stephen Wood, Matt Furniss Atari/Tengen 1990
Klax Domark Teque Software Development (Mark Incley, Mark Harrap, Mark Potente, Matt Furniss) Tengen/Atari Games 1990
STUN Runner Domark Mind's Eye Software (Matt Furniss) Tengen/Atari Games 1990
Chessmaster 2000 Dro Soft Gamart The Software Toolworks 1990
Karateka Dro Soft Gamart Brøderbund 1990
Darius+ Edge Software Christian Pennycate, Mark Healey Taito 1990
Pipe Mania Empire Software Enigma Variations The Assembly Line 1990
Impossamole Gremlin Graphics CORE Design 1990
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge Gremlin Graphics Ali Davidson, Berni Lotus Cars 1990
Shadow of the Beast Gremlin Graphics David Whittaker Psygnosis 1990
Super Cars Gremlin Graphics Spidersoft 1990
Ruff & Reddy in the Space Adventure Hi-Tec Software Twilight (Sean Conran Hanna-Barbara 1990
Bloodwych Image Works Philip Taglione, Pete James, Anthony Taglione 1990
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles Image Works David Perry, Nick Bruty Mirage Studios 1990
Castle Master Incentive Software Matt Furniss 1990
Hostages Infogrames New Frontier (Zydro, McAlby, Fustor) 1990
SimCity Infogrames Probe Software (Antony R Lill, Simon Butler) Maxis 1990
Psycho Hopper Mastertronic MC Lothlorien (R Lever, Martin Holland) 1990
Rad Ramp Racer Mastertronic John Martin 1990
F-19 Stealth Fighter Microprose Paul Hutchinson, Max Remington 1990
Rick Dangerous 2 Micro Style CORE Design 1990
Days of Thunder Mindscape Tiertex (DFB, Wayne Blake) Paramount Pictures 1990
Fiendish Freddy's Big Top O'Fun Mindscape Imagitec Design Limited Gray Matter 1990
Adidas Championship Football Ocean Software David Spicer, Jason Brashill, Matthew Cannon Adidas 1990
Adidas Championship Tie-Break Ocean Software Probe Software (Antony R Lill, Sound Images) Adidas 1990
Battle Command Ocean Software Realtime Games 1990
Chase HQ II: Special Criminal Investigation Ocean Software Ian Morrison, Douglas Little, Alan Grier, Chris Scudds Taito 1990
Midnight Resistance Ocean Software Special FX Software (James Bagley, Charles Davies, Keith Tinman) Data East 1990
NARC Ocean Software Eidos (David Leitch, Shaun G McClure, Sound Images) Williams Electronics 1990
Pang Ocean Software Arc Developments Capcom 1990
Plotting Ocean Software Twilight (Jason McGann, Peter Tattersall, Sean Conran) Taito 1990
Puzznic Ocean Software David Lytlle, Bob Flanagan, Jonathan Dunn Taito 1990
Rainbow Islands: The Story of Bubble Bobble 2 Ocean Software Graftgold (David O'Conner, John Cumming Taito 1990
RoboCop 2 Ocean Software Andrew Deakin, Ivan Horn, Matthew Cannon Orion Pictures Corporation/Tobor Productions 1990
Shadow Warriors Ocean Software Teque Software Development (Matt Furniss) Temco 1990
Turrican Rainbow Arts Von Dazzlin, JB Guzzler 1990
Saint Dragon Storm Entertainment Andrew Taylor, Shaun McGlure Jaleco 1990
Vendetta System 3 Steve Lamb, JR Hartley Konami 1990
Delta Charge Thalamus Twilight (Jason McGann, Andrew Swann, Peter Tattersall, Mark Mason) 1990
Twinworld Ubisoft 1990
Zombi Ubisoft GM Phillips, Colin Jones, S Chance 1990
Chip's Challenge U.S. Gold Tony Mack, Adam Clarke, David Whittaker Epyx 1990
Crack Down U.S. Gold Arc Developments Sega 1990
Dragons of Flame U.S. Gold John May SSI/TSR 1990
Dynasty Wars U.S. Gold Tiertex Capcom 1990
E-Motion U.S. Gold The Code Monkeys 1990
ESWAT U.S. Gold Creative Materials Sega 1990
Line of Fire U.S. Gold Creative Materials Sega 1990
Strider II U.S. Gold Tiertex Capcom 1990
Turbo Outrun U.S. Gold Ian Morrison, Alan Laird Sega 1990
UN Squadron U.S. Gold Doug Anderson Capcom 1990
Golden Axe Virgin Games Probe Software (David Shea, Jason Green, Sound Images) Sega 1990
Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road Racer Virgin Games Graftgold (Steve Turner, John Cumming, Jason Page) Leland Corporation 1990
New York Warriors Virgin Games Big Red Software (R Fred Williams, Pete Ranson) 1990
Quarterback Virgin Games Binary Design Leland Corporation 1990
Advanced Lawnmower Simulator Your Sinclair Duncan MacDonald 1990
Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager Eutechnyx Cognito 1990
Star Control Accolade David Quinn 1991
Loopz Audiogenic Software Data Design Systems, David Whittaker 1991
750cc Grand Prix Codemasters Lyndon Sharp, Chris Graham, Damon Redmond 1991
Bubble Dizzy Codemasters Lyndon Sharp, David Whittaker 1991
CJ's Elephant Antics Codemasters R Fred Williams, David T Clark 1991
Dizzy Down the Rapids Codemasters Oliver Twins 1991
Dizzy Prince of the Yolkfolk Codemasters Big Red Software/Oliver Twins 1991
Seymour Goes to Hollywood Codemasters Big Red Software 1991
Slightly Magic Codemasters Astonishing Animations (Colin Jones, Chris Graham, Keith Ross, Allister Brimble) 1991
Spellbound Dizzy Codemasters Big Red Software (R Fred Williams, Pete, David Whittaker 1991
Multi-Player Soccer Manager D&H Games John Atkinson 1991
3D Construction Kit Domark Kevin Parker, Sean Ellis, Ian Andrew, Chris Andrew, Paul Gregory, Eugene Messina 1991
Pit-Fighter Domark Teque Software Development Tengen/Atari Games 1991
Budokan: The Martial Spirit Dro Soft Marcos Jouron, Javier Fafula 1991
Hunt for Red October (Movie) Grandslam Entertainment Karl Jeffery, Richard Knightley, Jason Lihou, Damien Stokes, Jim Kinlough, Andrew Pang, Steven Bedser, Adam Clarke, JVM Design, Allister Brimble, N Crossley Paramount Pictures 1991
Switchblade Gremlin Graphics Jeff Calder, Benn Daglish 1991
Back to the Future Part III Image Works Keith Burkhill Amblin Entertainment 1991
Cisco Heat Image Works Alan Grier Jaleco 1991
Welltris Infogrames Doka (Peter Balla, Imre Kovats, Ildiko Somos, Dan Guerra, Jody Sather, Matt Carlstrom) Bullet-Proof Software 1991
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – The Coin-Op Image Works Dave Semmens, Doug Townley Konami 1991
Light Corridor, The Infogrames New Frontier (Zydro, Robin, Fustor, McAlby) 1991
North & South Infogrames New Frontier (Zydro, Dabyd, Daniel Diaz, Fustor, McAlby, Robin) 1991
Captain Planet Mindscape International David Perry, Nick Bruty 1991
Addams Family, The Ocean Software Andrew Deakin, Jonathan Dunn Paramount Pictures 1991
Darkman Ocean Software Twilight (Dave Box, Jason McGann, Jonathan Dunn) Universal Pictures 1991
Hudson Hawk Ocean Software Special FX Software (James Bagley, Colin Rushby, Keith Tinman) Columbia Pictures 1991
Navy SEALS Ocean Software James Higgins, Warren Lancashire, Martin McDonald, Matthew Cannon Orion Pictures 1991
Smash TV Ocean Software Probe Software (David Perry, Nick Bruty) Williams Electronics 1991
Terminator 2: Judgment Day Ocean Software Dementia (Gary Priest, Kevin Bulmer, Jonathan Dunn) Carolco Pictures 1991
Simpsons: Bart vs the Space Mutants Ocean Software Arc Developments (Byron Nilsson, Paul Walker, Jonathan Dunn) 20th Century Fox 1991
Total Recall Ocean Software James Higgins, Andrew Deakin, Mark R Jones, Simon Butler, Ivan Horn, Warren Lancashire, Jonathan Dunn Columbia TriStar Pictures 1991
Miami Cobra Players Software Nigel Speight 1991
Lemmings Psygnosis DMA Design (Jonathan Dye, Gary Timmons) 1991
Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone Storm Software Sales Curve (Tom Prosser, Shaun G McClure) American Technos 1991
Rodland Storm Software Sales Curve (Shaun G McClure Jaleco 1991
Alien Storm U.S. Gold Doug Anderson Sega 1991
Bonanza Bros U.S. Gold Ian Porter, Andrew Holdroyd Sega 1991
Final Fight U.S. Gold Creative Materials (Alan Butcher) Capcom 1991
Gauntlet III: The Final Quest U.S. Gold Software Creations (Dean Belfield, John Tatlock, Tim Follin, Geoff Follin) Atari Games 1991
SpySnatcher Topologika Jonathan Partington, Jon Thackray 1991
Mercs U.S. Gold Tiertex (Chris Shay) Capcom 1991
Night Shift U.S. Gold John Mullins Lucasfilm Games 1991
Out Run Europa U.S. Gold Ian Morrison, Alan Laird Sega 1991
Shadow Dancer U.S. Gold Images Ltd (Dave Semmens, Jim Kinlough) Sega 1991
Super Monaco GP U.S. Gold Probe Software, David Shea Sega 1991
Stack Up Zeppelin Games David Sanders 1991
Count Duckula 2 Alternative Software Cosgrove Hall 1992
Dalek Attack Alternative Software Admiral Software BBC Enterprises 1992
Crystal Kingdom Dizzy Codemasters Visual Impact (Jarrod Bentley) 1992
Astroball Digital Reality Balor Knight, Chris Pile 1992
RoboCop 3 Ocean Software Probe Software (Dominic Wood, Sound Images) Orion Pictures Corporation 1992
Space Gun Ocean Software Images Ltd Taito 1992
G-LOC U.S. Gold Images Ltd (Damien Stones, James Sharp) Sega 1992
Wrestling Superstars Codemasters Rob Hulman 1993
Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Alternative Software The Britt Allcroft Company 1993
Street Fighter II Go! Capcom 1993
Nigel Mansell's World Championship Gremlin Graphics Nigel Mansell 1993
World Rugby Zeppelin Games Brendan O'Brien, David Taylor 1993