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Ovo je stranica za razgovor za raspravu o poboljšanjima na članku Gradski prijevoz putnika Osijek.
Rad na člancima

Ja sam uredio članak,stavio sam znakove č,ć,š,ž te promijenio puno pravopisnih grešaka!— Prethodni nepotpisani komentar napisao je (razgovordoprinosi)

Plan tramvajske linije / Pitanje[uredi]

Tramvajske linije u Osijeku

Samo mali govorim vaš jezik, a pisam pitanje u engleski i njemački:

I am writing an article about GPP Osijek for the German Wikipedia, and I would like to put a map of the tramway lines there. There are different, inconsistens informations about the tramway lines on the homepage of GPP, so I would like to ask you if the lines are drawn correctly on the map (click to enlarge!). Maybe the route of line 2 has been changed recently? Is it correct, that it comes from Zeleno polje via the railway station to Mačkamama, but on the way back goes via Trg A. Starčevića to Zeleno polje? Or the other way round? Sometimes also a line number 3 is mentioned which I cannot find on the GPP homepage at all. I would like to bring the drawing into a correct form before putting it into the article.

Ich schreibe einen Artikel über GPP Osijek für die deutsche Wikipedia und würde gerne einen Linienplan einfügen. Es gibt aber unterschiedliche, widersprüchliche Informationen über die Linienführung auf der Homepage der GPP, deshalb würde ich gerne Euch fragen, ob die Linien auf der Karte (zum Vergrößern anklicken!) richtig eingezeichnet sind. Möglicherweise wurde die Linie 2 kürzlich verändert? Stimmt es, dass sie von Zeleno polje via Bahnhof nach Mačkamama geht, auf dem Rückweg aber via Trg A. Starčevića nach Zeleno polje? Oder andersrum? Manchmal ist auch von einer Linie 3 die Rede, von der ich aber auf der GPP-Homepage nichts finden kann. Ich würde die Karte gerne erst korrigieren, bevor ich sie in den Artikel einbaue.

Hvala lijepa! -- 00:51, 15. rujan 2007. (CEST) (de:Benutzer:Aspiriniks)

Probat ću odgovorit i na Engleskom i na Hrvatskom.
Postoje dvije vrste tramvaja, onaj koji ide direktno Višnjevac - Zeleno polje i onaj koji ide za Mačkamamu. Taj tramvaj koji ide za mačkamamu kruži od Mačkamame do Trga Ante Starčevića, uopće ne ide do Višnjevca i Zelenog polja već samo kruži na relaciji Mačkamama - Trg Ante Starčevića. Mapa je dobra, samo što nisu naslikane sve stanice i treba ispraviti naziv Zelenjo Polje u Zeleno Polje.

On English: There is two types of tramway, first one goes from Višnjevac directly to Zeleno Polje. Second type of traway goes from Mačkamama to Ante Starčević square (Trg. Ante Starčevića). That traway which goes from mačkamama to Ante Starčević never goes in Višnjevac or Zeleno Polje, it just circulating from Mačkamama to Ante Starčević square. Map is very good, but some stations are missing, and it's not Zelenjo Polje it is Zeleno Polje. I hope you understand everything, if you have more questions to ask, just ask :) -- Kingstone 93 13:15, 15. rujan 2007. (CEST)

Thank you very much. What was confusing me was that on the GPP Homepage there are two different plans: [1], the upper one saying Line 2 was going "Z. Polje - Mačkamama - Z. Polje" (description on bottom of picture), while the lower one shows line 2 as a circle only between Kolodvor and Trg Ante Starčevića, without going to Mačkamama at all, and without telling in which direction the circle is going (clockwise like in my drawing, anti-clockwise, or in both directions). Is one of these maps outdated or showing future plans? In the croatian article it reads:
Glavne linije:
  • Linija 1-Višnjevac-Zeleno Polje(povremeno Višnjevac-Podgrađe)
  • Linija 2/3-Trg-Zeleno Polje(ili Trg Ante Starčevića)-Bosutsko Naselje(drugo ime: Mačkamama)
Povremene linije:
  • Bivša linija 2-Trg Ante Starčevića-Kolodvor -> prometuje povremeno
  • Zeleno Polje-Višnjevac-Mačkamama
  • Turistički tramvaj
Does that mean that some line 2 tramways go to Zeleno Polje, while others just go the circle with or without going to Mačkamama?
I only put some stations into the drawing to make it just a raw overview, the article contains a link to the official maps where all stations are in; but if there are one or two very important stations missing (perhaps Dravski Most, because there one can change to some bus lines?) I could add that. Now I see there´s a second orthography error in my drawing, it should read "Podrgrađe".
Many thanks, -- 17:14, 15. rujan 2007. (CEST) (de:Benutzer:Aspiriniks)
Yes it "Podgrađe"... And there is two acitve tramway lines. Višnjevac - Zeleno Polje and Mačkamama - Trg Ante Starčevića. That line Mačkamama - Zeleno Polje isn't active anymore, at least what I know. You can add that railway stations, but it's not necessery. Also you can add Station "Retfala" (bigest part of city), "Podgrađe", "Dravski most", "Donji Grad". Retfala is All Between Višnjevac and Podgrađe. Podgrađe you have on map, Dravski most is between Trg Ante Starčević and Donji grad, Donji grad is all Between Dravski most and Zeleno polje. -- Kingstone 93 17:40, 15. rujan 2007. (CEST)
Many thanks, I corrected the image now, and also the text in the page on German Wikipedia de:GPP Osijek. Can you tell me if the arrows are correct, or if the line goes in the opposite or both directions? Greetings, 22:36, 15. rujan 2007. (CEST) (de:Benutzer:Aspiriniks)

The arrows show in wrong directions! The track is one way in this area, like marked in map. But on opposite directions than shown on the map.