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Hi Pamputt! Here are some pages that you might find helpful:

Welcome, again! --Ivi104 (razgovor) 01:18, 21. srpnja 2017. (CEST)[odgovori]

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Village pump - Huachipairi[uredi kôd]

[1] Hello! Thank you for contacting us! The Huachipairi page is not an advertisement, as it speaks of an American Indian tribe under that name. The Huachipaeri jezik handles the language of the aforementioned tribe. Google translate can experience difficulties translating complex sentences to and from Croatian language :) Once again, I kindly thank you for drawing our attention to these pages. Kind regards! --Ivi104 (razgovor) 01:16, 21. srpnja 2017. (CEST)[odgovori]

@Ivi104 thank you very much for having a look at this page. I created a new item for this tribe on Wikidata. Previously, this page was linked to the language and this was not correct. Pamputt (razgovor) 01:22, 21. srpnja 2017. (CEST)[odgovori]