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    Information.svg Welcome to Wikipedia. If You wish to run a bot, please:

    1.) Read the bot-related rules here.
    2.) Make a new request for bot here.

    --Bugoslav (razgovor) 21:43, 3. lipnja 2011. (CEST)Odgovor[odgovori]

    Hi! Thanks for the Welcome :) I applied a bot flag about two weeks ago, but no one have replied yet. Should I stop the bot, or contact a bureaucrat? --Cocu (razgovor) 21:57, 3. lipnja 2011. (CEST)Odgovor[odgovori]
    Thanks for the reply. I believe that it is better to wait, and stop + contact a bureaucrat. Sorry for the delay. -- Bugoslav (razgovor) 22:12, 3. lipnja 2011. (CEST)Odgovor[odgovori]
    No problem:) I have contacted a bureaucrat, and stopped at the bot on hr.wikipedia, awaiting response to the request. --Cocu (razgovor) 22:23, 3. lipnja 2011. (CEST)Odgovor[odgovori]