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Dobro došli na Wikipediju na hrvatskom jeziku − slobodnu enciklopediju!
Welcome to Wikipedia on Croatian language − The Free Encyclopedia!

Hi Pigsonthewing! Here are some pages that you might find helpful:

Welcome, again! Maestro Ivanković 19:38, 27. lipnja 2015. (CEST)

Don't speak Croatian? Post {{Suradnik hr-0}} on your user and/or here on talk page.


Your edit is reverted, please do not put photos of toys in articles or article sections where this is not appropriate. Thanks! SpeedyGonsales 00:27, 19. listopada 2016. (CEST)

Suradnik:SpeedyGonsales: Of course, I would never put a picture of a toy, or anything else, on an article where it is not appropriate. But in this case it is appropriate. Please restore it, and if you do think it is in the wrong section, move it to a better one. Pigsonthewing (razgovor) 07:25, 19. listopada 2016. (CEST)