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Metalowy, dobro došli na Wikipediju na hrvatskome jeziku, započetu 16. veljače 2003. godine – slobodnu enciklopediju!

Pozivamo vas na sudjelovanje u rastu ove svima dostupne enciklopedije na hrvatskome standardnom jeziku.

Ovdje su neke od stranica koje bi vam mogle pomoći:

  • Wikipedija − što je Wikipedija, povijest i organizacija projekta,
  • izvori − kako uspješno činiti Wikipediju boljom, te
  • slikeobvezno pročitati prije postavljanja bilo kakvih slika.

Ako želite vježbati možete to raditi na stranici za vježbanje, u slučaju da vam zatreba pomoć učinite sljedeće:

Svoje doprinose na člancima ne potpisujte, dok komentare na pripadajućim stranicama za razgovor, suradničkim stranicama i Kafiću molimo potpisujte tako što ćete pritisnuti gumbić Signature icon.png ili OOUI JS signature icon LTR.svg na alatnoj vrpci ili napisati 4 tilde (tilda = 4x istovremeno tipke AltGr + tipka s brojem 1), što kod uređivanja izgleda ovako ~~~~.
Vlastitu suradničku stranicu (onu koja se zove "Suradnik:Metalowy") možete uređivati po svojoj želji u skladu s pravilima uređivanja suradničke stranice (npr. asketski ili šminkerski).

Molimo Vas, ne stavljajte zaštićene radove bez dopuštenja! Nemojte izravno kopirati sadržaje s drugih internetskih stranica ako nemate izričito dopuštenje. Ako imate dopuštenje, napišite to na stranici za razgovor ili jednostavno dodajte ovdje. No, obvezno to napravite prije nego započnete s pisanjem preuzetog teksta. Molimo uočite da se svi doprinosi Wikipediji smatraju dvojno licencirani, pod Creative Commons Imenovanje-Dijeli pod istim uvjetima 3.0 i GFDL licencijom. Ako ne želite da se vaše pisanje nemilosrdno uređuje i slobodno raspačava, nemojte ga ovamo slati. Također nam obećavate da ćete ono što ćete napisati sami napisati, ili ćete to prepisati iz nečeg što je u javnom vlasništvu ili pod sličnom slobodnom licencijom.

If you don't speak Croatian: This is a welcome message sent to new users of hr.wikipedia.

Još jednom, dobro došli! SpeedyGonsales 13:29, 30. kolovoza 2020. (CEST)[odgovori]

Interwiki[uredi kôd]

Molim te, dodaj interwiki na članak nakon što ga napišeš. --Leo 2020 (razgovor) 08:42, 31. kolovoza 2020. (CEST)[odgovori]

Several suggestions[uredi kôd]

Hey there!

Judging by your global contributions and seeing that your main Wikipedia project is pl.wiki, I'm going to assume that you might understand English better than Croatian.

Here's the deal: Take a look at this. These are things you might need to pay attention to as you write an article. First off: if you're writing an article about an album, be sure to add the template {{naslov u kurzivu}} to the top. This way the title of the article becomes italicized. Going on from there, since the first word in such articles is the title of the record as well, put 5 apostrophes on each side of the word or phrase to do the same. (Like this: '''''A Fallen Temple''''')

Next: The ordinal numerals in Croatian are as follows: prvi, drugi, treći, četvrti, peti, šesti, sedmi, osmi, deveti, deseti... And so on. We don't have inflectional suffixes like "-ij" at the end of those, so be mindful of that.

Following that, here's probably the most important advice: categorize the article. If you, for instance, decide to write about an album that was released in 2002 and was recorded by a Greek band, put these categories: [[Kategorija:Albumi iz 2002.]] and [[Kategorija:Grčki glazbeni albumi]]

If you need any more help, feel free to leave me a message on my talk page.

P. S., thank you for writing about metal Face-wink.svg --Neptune, the Mystic 12:42, 8. rujna 2020. (CEST)[odgovori]

Thank you. I'm from Poland so I'm not perfect in Croatian but I do what I can with those arcticles. Thank you for those suggestions. Metalowy (razgovor) 22:24, 10. rujna 2020. (CEST)[odgovori]

Minor fixes[uredi kôd]

Hello there again!

Get ready for another epic installment of suggestions! Face-grin.svg

I took the liberty of editing your article on Accept, as some things needed to be fixed stylistically. So, here you go.

Basically, when you write down discographies of bands (aka list studio albums), it is preferred to put two apostrophes on each side of the title, like this: * ''[[Blind Rage]]'' (2014.) This way the title of the record gets italicized (it's not really an obscure practice, en.wiki does it as well).

Secondly, when you write down periods of time when someone was an active member of a band or something along those lines, you need to use the en-dash, not a hyphen. The difference is subtle, but noticeable. The hyphen (this thing: -) is used to connect two words, with no spaces between them (as in Two-faced); the en-dash (this thing: –) is used to connect two years, with space on both sides of the dash (as 1997. – 1999.) [and subordinate sentences too, but you needn't concern yourself with that for the time being]. You can find the en-dash below, right after the plus sign, during your editing process.

Lastly, in Croatian we (usually) don't write names of genres with capital letters, so it will be heavy metal, not Heavy metal or Heavy Metal.

All in all, if you're more of a visual type, this article can serve as your template for future articles, as everything that I just mentioned is put into practice there. Again, if you have any inquiries, drop me a line, I'll gladly help. --Neptune, the Mystic 13:24, 13. rujna 2020. (CEST)[odgovori]

Suradnička stranica – User page[uredi kôd]

Srdačan pozdrav, Koreanovsky (Ča–Kaj–Što?!) 14:02, 14. rujna 2020. (CEST)[odgovori]

Pictures[uredi kôd]

Let me spare you this misery. You can't use hyperlinks to external pictures on Wikipedia. You can either upload your own here (however, I would rather you asked me or some other user to upload it for you, as copyright can be a bit confusing) or use a picture already uploaded to Wikipedia Commons, which you don't need to upload, you can just write the picture's title in the article or a template (like in this article). Nota bene, Wikipedia Commons does not contain album covers all that much.

If you still want an example of what information an album cover is supposed to contain, take a look at this. The key thing is that the picture can't be bigger than 300 x 300 pixels, as it is a copyrighted piece of work, and it can only remain on Wikipedia under the condition that its resolution is low. --Neptune, the Mystic 14:21, 27. rujna 2020. (CEST)[odgovori]

Interwiki[uredi kôd]

Hello, Metalowy.

It's come to my attention that you didn't connect this article to Wikidata. Please do so in the future. The only thing you need to do is to click on the pen in the lower left corner and enter the the appropriate language code and the title of the article in said language (in that order). If you need more detailed information, please refer to this. Thank you. --Neptune, the Mystic 18:29, 29. prosinca 2020. (CET)[odgovori]

This is the second time I need to remind you to connect articles to Wikidata. Please start doing that. This is the third time overall that you've been notified about this matter. --Neptune, the Mystic 13:56, 6. siječnja 2021. (CET)[odgovori]

Block[uredi kôd]

You've been blocked for a day because you kept ignoring the messages on your talk page regarding interwiki links. Please take the time to read them carefully and feel free to ask if you need something explained further. Thank you for understanding. --Neptune, the Mystic 17:37, 6. siječnja 2021. (CET)[odgovori]

Thanks. I try to do something with Interwiki but still I don't understand how to do it correctly. Please help. Maybe write step by step how to do it. It would be helpful. Metalowy (razgovor) 15:28, 7. siječnja 2021. (CET)[odgovori]

I have read it. Thanks for sugestion. I will try what I can Metalowy (razgovor) 15:30, 7. siječnja 2021. (CET)[odgovori]

But I have one question. Is this possible to do on phone? If so how. 'Cause I saw that's in this way it's on computer. How to do it on phone Metalowy (razgovor) 15:41, 7. siječnja 2021. (CET)[odgovori]

Hi. Thanks for unblocking me. I have read qhat you've about interwiki. But I have a question. 'Cause the way you described is on computer and I my only way at the moment to create those arcticles is phone. Is there any way to connect page with interwiki on phone? Please answer. Metalowy (razgovor) 18:35, 7. siječnja 2021. (CET)[odgovori]

Hi! Currently it is not possible to add interwiki links on the phone. --Ivi104 (razgovor) 20:39, 7. siječnja 2021. (CET)[odgovori]

Ok. That's actualy why I have not done this. I tried but I've failed. Thanks for answer. Metalowy (razgovor) 22:20, 7. siječnja 2021. (CET)[odgovori]

izvori[uredi kôd]

Hi, check this how to add reference list. Cheers, --Dijabolični El 20:30, 7. siječnja 2021. (CET)[odgovori]

Godsmack[uredi kôd]

If you are going to add group members and albums for a group, feel free to open a category, like Kategorija:Godsmack, that I just opened. Also, please try to make infoboxes more readable. --Argo Navis (razgovor) 22:13, 7. siječnja 2021. (CET)[odgovori]

Alright. Thanks for suggestion. Metalowy (razgovor) 22:17, 7. siječnja 2021. (CET)[odgovori]

Jax Owster / Aleck Weben[uredi kôd]

I'm a bit confused here. Who is this article about, Jack Owen or Alex Webster? --Neptune, the Mystic 11:38, 25. siječnja 2021. (CET)[odgovori]

Jak Owen. It was my mistake. Sorry! Metalowy (razgovor) 12:55, 25. siječnja 2021. (CET)[odgovori]

Ok. Here are some arcticles that still are not connected with Interwiki and since I can't do that now please do it for me. Here they are: https://hr.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daray https://hr.m.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Piotr_Wiwczarek&redlink=1# https://hr.m.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Krzysztof_Raczkowski&redlink=1#Izvori https://hr.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Witching_Metal https://hr.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victims_of_Death https://hr.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/One_Night_in_Bangkok https://hr.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mortal_Way_of_Live https://hr.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glen_Benton https://hr.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Asheim https://hr.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Mazurkiewicz https://hr.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Ultimate_Incantation https://hr.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_to_the_Blind https://hr.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Litany Metalowy (razgovor) 10:14, 29. siječnja 2021. (CET)[odgovori]

Group templates, categories[uredi kôd]

Some bands have group templates. Please, add them at the bottom of articles about their albums or band members. Also consider opening a category for the band if there is at least 5 articles about band+albums+members. --Argo Navis (razgovor) 10:42, 29. siječnja 2021. (CET)[odgovori]

Also note this regarding album categories. --Argo Navis (razgovor) 16:52, 29. siječnja 2021. (CET)[odgovori]

Regarding...[uredi kôd]

...this request, fret not! I'll get to those eventually, I'm going article by article and updating them. As you can see, my to-do list is quite long... Face-grin.svg

Also, when you open a category (like "Albumi sastava Deicide"), you can delete the category "Američki glazbeni albumi" from, in this case, Deicide albums, because "Albumi sastava Deicide" already includes the latter category (it is its subcategory). If you need more information, I'm sure @Argo Navis will explain things further. --Neptune, the Mystic 12:18, 29. siječnja 2021. (CET)[odgovori]

Alright. Thank you! Metalowy (razgovor) 14:18, 29. siječnja 2021. (CET)[odgovori]

Dots and sources[uredi kôd]

Dzień dobry Metalowy, I hope you're doing fine!

[1] On the Croatian Wikipedia, we first write dots and then we add the sources. I know it might be different on the Polish Wikipedia.

Z poważaniem, Koreanovsky (Ča–Kaj–Što?!) 16:32, 29. siječnja 2021. (CET)[odgovori]

Ok thank you for advice! Metalowy (razgovor) 16:39, 29. siječnja 2021. (CET)[odgovori]

About the sources:[uredi kôd]

When you use the same source in different parts of the same article, you should write it down like this; let's say you have a certain page on Encylopaedia Metallum as a source. You shouldn't repeat it multiple times, instead do this – write the first source like <ref name=Metallum>[link to Metal Archives]</ref>, and then in other places simply write <ref name=Metallum/> --Neptune, the Mystic 12:37, 30. siječnja 2021. (CET)[odgovori]

P.S., if you need a visual example, see the current version of The Gathering. --Neptune, the Mystic 13:27, 30. siječnja 2021. (CET)[odgovori]

Defaultsort[uredi kôd]

Whenever you write an article about a singer or a musician, place {{GLAVNIRASPORED:Last name, First name}} at the bottom (Last name could be Promiński and the first name could be Zbigniew Robert). This categorises the article properly.

Also, please put album titles in italics, like Pandemonic Incantations, whenever you list them under some musician's discography. You do this by placing two apostrophes on each side of the album title. However, when you write an article about an album, then you need to put five (5) apostrophes on each side, but only at the beginning of the article, everywhere else you can just place two apostrophes on each side. --Neptune, the Mystic 11:28, 31. siječnja 2021. (CET)[odgovori]

4 more advices[uredi kôd]

You are doing the great job with music albums!

Let me give you a few advices how to make articles more in line with some commmon practices on hr wiki:

--Argo Navis (razgovor) 22:38, 7. veljače 2021. (CET)[odgovori]

Sup, you're doing a great job, just please don't forget to write album names in italics. And one more thing, please translate mix or mixing as just miks, mješanje is tehnically correct translation but it's usually used in context like mixing food ingridients and such, not as in mixing sound :) Feel free to ask if you need any more help, cheers. --Dijabolični El 20:55, 17. veljače 2021. (CET)[odgovori]

Gaahl[uredi kôd]

If your article has been placed in the draft namespace (Nacrt:Gaahl), then please don't publish a separate article in the main namespace until the draft is fixed. You can work on the article as a draft and then ask an admin to look if it's ok, and then they'll move it into the main namespace themselves. --Neptune, the Mystic 14:19, 18. veljače 2021. (CET)[odgovori]

Ok. Thanks! Metalowy (razgovor) 20:53, 18. veljače 2021. (CET)[odgovori]

Ok. Now I think it's correct. So please look if it really is. Metalowy (razgovor) 21:01, 18. veljače 2021. (CET)[odgovori]

I've written additional info about Gaahl and brought it back into the main namespace. It was okay as it was, but let's say I tried to make it better Face-wink.svg --Neptune, the Mystic 18:22, 20. veljače 2021. (CET)[odgovori]

Thank you! Metalowy (razgovor) 20:20, 20. veljače 2021. (CET)[odgovori]

David Stuppnig?[uredi kôd]

Just saw that you created an article for David Vincent... Where did you get his "Stuppnig" surname from? Metallum and en.wiki claim Vincent is his real surname. --Neptune, the Mystic 11:10, 25. veljače 2021. (CET)[odgovori]

It was written on polish wikipedia. Maybe it was wrong Metalowy (razgovor) 11:33, 25. veljače 2021. (CET)[odgovori]

Ok now it's corrected. Thanks for information! Metalowy (razgovor) 11:35, 25. veljače 2021. (CET)[odgovori]

Thank you for correcting Face-smile.svg Yeah, I saw that it was mentioned on pl.wiki, but I never saw that surname elsewhere, so I got kind of confused, I thought there was some legitimate source for that claim. If there isn't, that's fine, David Justin Vincent will do Face-wink.svg --Neptune, the Mystic 12:33, 25. veljače 2021. (CET)[odgovori]

Uploading cover art[uredi kôd]

Hello, please be careful when uploading album covers. Those are works protected by copyright and they end up deleted if the summary and license aren't correct. Long story short, the size of album covers shouldn't surpass 300x300, and you shouldn't really credit another Wikipedia project as a source. Look here – you can basically copy-paste the licence in your future uploads, but you'll need to pay attention to the description. Source should be a website of some sort (like Metal Archives or Discogs; in that case, if the picture there is bigger than 300x300, you should resize it in Paint), and the original artist should always be credited. If the artist is unknown, then mention the label which published the record. That information should always be present on both Metal Archives and Discogs, so you should be covered. --Neptune, the Mystic 21:03, 8. ožujka 2021. (CET)[odgovori]

Also, I saw you uploaded multiple versions of the same album cover several times. You don't need to do that if you want to fix a picture. The description is easily fixed like this (you need to use that template; again, it's not that difficult to do. You basically change some of the wording and voila, the description is okay.). Same goes for changing the copyright licence, you can change the previous licence template with {{Omot albuma}}.
However, if you accidentally publish too big of a picture, there's a way to go about that as well without uploading a new, separate picture. In the lower part of the page you'll see the text "Postavi novu inačicu datoteke". Click on that and just upload the proper version of the photo, you don't need to write anything else if you already filled the template. In other words: just upload a new picture using that button with no changes in the text whatsoever. The photo will get updated on its own on the pages linked to it. If I didn't explain something properly and you're still confused, feel free to ask me, I'll gladly lend a hand. --Neptune, the Mystic 17:53, 9. ožujka 2021. (CET)[odgovori]

Plague Angel[uredi kôd]

Hey, thank you for this edit! I most likely forgot to put the proper nationality for some reason. Also, I see your contributions are getting better (you've learned how to connect the article to Wikidata, you've learned how to upload cover art properly)... Props to your progress! Face-smile.svg --Neptune, the Mystic 14:37, 13. ožujka 2021. (CET)[odgovori]

Question about a word[uredi kôd]

Dzień dobry Metalowy, I hope you're doing fine!

What did you exactly try to say with the word "rasla", in the article about the album Faceless? Face-smile.svg

Z poważaniem, Koreanovsky (Ča–Kaj–Što?!) 15:53, 30. ožujka 2021. (CEST)[odgovori]

I thought it would mean world "crew" maybe I did a mistake if so I'm sorry but it happens Metalowy (razgovor) 07:50, 31. ožujka 2021. (CEST)[odgovori]

Everyone makes mistakes, that is not a problem. Face-smile.svg The word "rasla" is the feminine singular past-form of the verb "rasti" which trasnlates to "growing". Face-badtooth.svg The Croatian word for "crew" is "posada", there is also the word "momčad" when we talk about a football team. Pozdrawiam serdecznie, Koreanovsky (Ča–Kaj–Što?!) 13:31, 31. ožujka 2021. (CEST)[odgovori]

Thanks! Metalowy (razgovor) 13:35, 31. ožujka 2021. (CEST)[odgovori]

World Demise[uredi kôd]

Dzień dobry!

[2] With "pad svijeta", did you mean the album is about the "end of the world"? Face-devil-grin.svg The Croatian word for that would be "kraj svijeta" or "smak svijeta". Face-badtooth.svg

Z poważaniem, Koreanovsky (Ča–Kaj–Što?!) 14:16, 5. travnja 2021. (CEST)[odgovori]

Yes, it supposed to mean "The end of the world" or "Fall of the world" Metalowy (razgovor) 17:38, 5. travnja 2021. (CEST)[odgovori]

Fixed it! Face-smile.svg --Koreanovsky (Ča–Kaj–Što?!) 18:15, 5. travnja 2021. (CEST)[odgovori]

Long text into columns[uredi kôd]

You might find this edit interesting. --Argo Navis (razgovor) 08:56, 19. travnja 2021. (CEST)[odgovori]

Several pieces of advice[uredi kôd]

Hey there, long time no talk.

I would like to suggest several things to you. Take a look at these edits.

  • When you quote Metallum as a source, be sure to format the source a bit like this: <ref>[https://www.metal-archives.com/albums/Rage/Execution_Guaranteed/436308 Rage – Execution Guaranteed], [[Encyclopaedia Metallum]], pristupljeno 16. svibnja 2021.</ref>

This way the article reader will know the name of the source you used before they even need to press the link that leads there. That is actually the standard procedure on Wikipedia.

  • If you don't have the information about the duration of recording process and you only have the information about the studio where the album was recorded, use |studio= instead of |snimanje= – snimanje is reserved solely for the duration of recording process.
  • In Croatian, we don't use "mix", but "miks" or "miksanje".
  • Be careful when translating "photography" into Croatian. "Slike" is a general term and can mean both photographs, images and paintings. Use "fotografije" instead.

--Neptune, the Mystic 12:06, 16. svibnja 2021. (CEST)[odgovori]

A reminder[uredi kôd]

Hello again. I feel obligated to remind you of two things.

  • If you're writing an article about a musician, use three (3) apostrophes in the title, not five (5). Five apostrophes are reserved for works of art. In other words, musicians' names are written in bold, whereas album titles are both bold and italic.
  • Also, whenever you write an article about a musician, be sure to put {{GLAVNIRASPORED:Surname, Name}} (change these accordingly) at the bottom, before the categories and below the template for sources. That enables categories to list articles in the alphabetic order.

Here are my changes to your article, feel free to take a look.

Kind regards, --Neptune, the Mystic 15:15, 3. lipnja 2021. (CEST)[odgovori]

Ok. Thank you Metalowy (razgovor) 15:49, 3. lipnja 2021. (CEST)[odgovori]

Show preview[uredi kôd]

Greetings! I want to refer you to this page to make it easier to edit the articles you work on.--Kraljnnm (razgovor) 10:42, 1. srpnja 2021. (CEST)[odgovori]

Alright Metalowy (razgovor) 10:45, 1. srpnja 2021. (CEST)[odgovori]

Leprosy[uredi kôd]

Hi there, I see you've written an article about an album from the band Death, that's great, now their discography is complete!

However, I wouldn't be me if I didn't have some suggestions... Face-tongue.svg

Observe this edit. Here are the most important things to bear in mind:

  • If you write something along the lines of "It happened during the course of this and that year", don't write "Napustio je sastav u 1989. godine". That preposition "u" is redundant in this case.
  • Polish and Croatian declension of nouns isn't the same. As far as I know, we have the same cases, but we use different suffixes for each of them. If you're not sure which suffix to use, go to this page, enter a word you wish to look up, and then click on "izvedeni oblici". I don't want to get into all the mistakes, but just for illustration purposes, the genitive of "album" in Croatian is "albuma", both singular and plural, not "albumov". You can check other corrections for yourself in the edit I linked above.
  • "Magazine" is not "skladište", it's "časopis". "Skladište" is "warehouse". Face-wink.svg You were probably thinking of "magacin", which is a non-standard lexeme for "skladište".

That's all for now. --Neptune 🕉 the Mystic 13:24, 25. srpnja 2021. (CEST)[odgovori]

Thank you Metalowy (razgovor) 14:26, 25. srpnja 2021. (CEST)[odgovori]

New article "Sin After Sin" is done. You check it to see if I've done any mistake ;) Metalowy (razgovor) 22:02, 25. srpnja 2021. (CEST)[odgovori]

New arcticle "Omen (album)" is done. Check if I haven't done any mistake :) Metalowy (razgovor) 11:49, 27. kolovoza 2021. (CEST)[odgovori]

Just a thought...[uredi kôd]

...why don't you check on what I keep changing in your articles or refer to other music articles on this project for guidance? "Bonusovi" doesn't exist as a word in Croatian. "Japonsko" should be "japansko". The adjective "ponovno" is declensed through cases, so it's "ponovnoM izdanju", not "ponovno izdanju".

I mean, I'm glad you're working hard on updating those articles of yours, but please work on your language skills as well. The results don't need to be perfect, but I'd greatly appreciate it if you learned from your past mistakes. —Neptune 🕉 the Mystic 19:02, 9. rujna 2021. (CEST)[odgovori]

Ok. Thank you. Metalowy (razgovor) 00:06, 11. rujna 2021. (CEST)[odgovori]

Hey, I have one problem. I was uploading the cover art of Nile's album "What Should Not Be Unearthed" but accidently I forgot to mark it's the cover art of music album. Is there any way to correct it? Metalowy (razgovor) 20:06, 16. ožujka 2022. (CET)[odgovori]

Fear not, I've corrected it for you Face-smile.svg If you ever forget to add a license while uploading cover art, you can also add it manually, like this. Notice the curly brackets below and the inscription "Omot albuma". That's the license you need in this case, and it will show up once you save your edit. Neptune 🕉 the Mystic 21:39, 16. ožujka 2022. (CET)[odgovori]

Hello By a mistake I put cover art of "Reek of Putrefaction" as a My Work instead of Cover Art. Can it bo corrected? Metalowy (razgovor) 14:04, 21. lipnja 2022. (CEST)[odgovori]

Maintenance templates[uredi kôd]

Pozdrav, Metalowy! Hello. Though I (and We, I'm sure) value your contributions to this Wikipedia, the articles you've created need some maintenance and have to be decorated with appropriate tags. Please do not remove them (Special:Diff/6327230/6328477). It's clear that Croatian is not your native language, but worry not — someone, someday will fix the articles. In order for that to happen, they need to be properly tagged. Best wishes from this patroller, ponor (razgovor) 15:35, 3. ožujka 2022. (CET)[odgovori]

Reek of Putrefaction - a mistake[uredi kôd]

Hello By a mistake I put cover art of "Reek of Putrefaction" as a My Work instead of Cover Art. Can it bo corrected? Metalowy (razgovor) 14:03, 21. lipnja 2022. (CEST)[odgovori]